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Decent starter kit?

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Now that I have gear for the whole family I'm interested in getting started in waxing and a little tuning of my family's skis.
Would this be a good starter kit if I added a couple brushes to it?  I've read lots of online info, articles, watched videos etc... but still unsure if this would be fine.  Keep in mind we're just recreational skiers.  We won't be doing any racing or anything like that.  I just take a lot of pleasure in doing stuff like this myself.  I'm the kind of guy that bought a watch repair kit so I can size my own bracelets when I buy a new one.

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Yeah, it looks pretty quality to me. i started off with this one, . but the one you found is cheaper and just as complete.
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I don't know who you are planning to buy from, but you might want to give Marc at a call.  He is the owner of the company that SBVT linked to.  Besides being very reputable, he provides outstanding customer service, and is very knowledgeable.  By calling him, you might be able to get a price match on the kit.  At the very worst you may get some great recommendations from him as to what is worthwhile for a budding ski tuner.

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The short answer is yes. The Tools4Boards Tuning Kits with 3 in 1 tools are good for starters. Along with a few brushes (soft brass, hard horse or boar hair and soft nylon), adding a 400 diamond and a dedicated side edge guide would be good 'next' tools....and an extra boot for the Pro500...

The 3 in 1/multi-tool may be fine for a while, but as you get more into it, a finer edge guide might be desirable. The multi-tool can still be used for side wall cutting/back filing and wax scraper sharpening as well as an edge bevel measuring device.
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Thanks guys.  haven't decided where to go yet.  price is nice from but shipping cost from there is nuts.
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Here's our current Tuning Kits and Combos if interested.
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