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I'm on this site every day and have never (to the best of my knowledge) used a "feature". I just read all of the posts regarding SUBSCRIPTIONS and I still do not know what they are talking about. I searched under "subscriptions" and I get a dozen similar discussions. I suspect it's a method of helping me organize the threads I want to follow but the one time I tried to do that I ended up getting so confused I couldn't find anything for a week. Evidently it's important to some members but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. Where do I go to sign up for Epic Ski Web Site course #101?
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Normally when you reply to a post, you end up "subscribed" to the thread.  At least I do.  I think there is an option that that doesn't happen that you can select if you want.  Anyway, if you don't reply, but want to "subscribe" there is also the ability to "subscribe" by clicking on the subscribe button below the last post in the thread as well.  That way, posts you are interested in USED to be on your home page so that you could look at that stuff first instead of wading through everything looking for the discussions you'd been following with interest.

...Just checked... If you go into your profile, and edit your account there is a check box about subscribing to things by default.  I have it checked.
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Originally Posted by steveturner View Post

 Where do I go to sign up for Epic Ski Web Site course #101?

Hi steveturner: 

In the search bar above, enter:  Epicski and Tutorial 
Then click on the Wiki tab in the Search results.

Or go to Wiki and select "E" and you'll find a number of topics:  EpicSki ______ Tutorial


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I also have problem with subscriptions.  I deleted all of my old subscriptions.  I then purposely subscribed to one thread and my home page only tells me:

"We couldn't find any subscription activity. Try adding stuff to your list, it really is the bee's knees!"

I checked my subscription list and the thread is there, but this page does not seem to update when there is thread activity.  Any help??
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