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Calling all MA Racers...

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This is my annual shout out re the Wachusett Mt adult league on M thru Thurs nights.

Check this out at the Wachusett Website.  This is a very competitive league with about 100 teams.  The Top 30 generally suit up and are washed up HS and college racers.  That said, there is fun for ANYONE including never-evers who just want a night out and some Wachusett Country Ales.

About a 30 second course (longest NASTAR venue you will find).  Dual format GS.  2 timed runs and fun runs after people are done racing.

I am the GM for Skichair.com Racing.  I am looking for some new recruits to add to our PROGRAM.  We currently have 4 teams but had some holes due to career changes, moves etc.  We pride our PROGRAM on training never-ever racers to be gold medal performers.

We are especially interested in women with race chops.  Dependable, consistent women are vital for team scoring.  We have a wide range of racers from 20 somethings to 70 somethings.  Times are handicapped based on age and gender.  Love to answer questions.

Lots of Boston based racers.  If interested in some fun racing in E-Central MA, check it out at Wachusett website or contact me.


Run here.
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Video of a Run here.
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