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Just got this helmet in today from Backcountry. Found the link from this site.

My old helmet is a Leedom that has about 4 seasons on it. I have had it so long, I don't even remember the model name.

I am quite impressed with the G9. This is my first adventure into the world of helmet audio.
The new G9 seems of better all-around construction than the years past. I have tried it on in the shops before. The new model looks a bit bigger than prior versions. Just an FYI, Giro has changed it's sizing structure and I almost made a boo boo by ordering the Large. The medium now fits 54-59CM. I am a size 58 and the helmet fits perfectly after adjusting the dial strap at the back of the helmet. The dial feature is very welcome and makes fine tuning the fit as simple as it gets. Just reach back and slide the dial left or right to tighten or losen the fit.  The helmet is light and when properly fitted, it's easy to forget there is a helmet on your head. I got lost in some audio for a few minutes.

I can tell this helmet will be warm as it had me sweating after playing around with it on my head, listening to five minutes of I-Tunes. The earpads are exceptionally soft, like earmuffs, and they fit like a glove and there are no gaps once it is snug. It certainly is a much closer fit than the Leedom. I tried the fit with goggles and it is perfect -- no gaps. There was always a small gap when wearing the goggles with my Leedom. I am very impressed.

As far as the audio, it is top notch. I was very impressed with the quality -- shocked, in fact. I wasn't expecting much. The bass mixture is perfect. I was actually picking up subtle details I missed with my $140 Bose headphones. This will be a treat to take with me skiing and will go a long way in killing the time spent on long lift rides.