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Seems like several people here have had the chance to ski both the Huge Troubles and the Motherships.

Both are pretty heavy fatties, but I thought it would be interesting to provoke some compare / contrasts comments.

I'm thinking of picking up one of these skis for the coming season.

Me: 35 yr. old, 5'11" - 180 lbs. strong, advanced / expert skier, mostly ski Santa Fe, Taos (west basin ridge), and Silverton, then get to SLC for about 10 days a year.

175 Dynastar Trouble - love these for bumps / park days in S.Fe when it hasn't snowed
179 Line Prophet 90 - all mountain hard pack
179 Line Prophet 100 - like these, but selling them as they just feel too short

picked up for this season:
179 2008/9 K2 Kung Fujas - pretty light AT set up w/ Fritschi Freerides
185 Armada JJ  - I expect this, of course, to be a really fun ski for very soft days, but I'm not expecting it for more than that

So I'm thinking of picking up a fat ski that would handle variable conditions better than the JJ. (Perhaps the JJ will surprise me....), something that would be more stable when at the tops of steep chutes and in chop.

The relatively stiff tip and soft tail of the Huge Trouble sounds appealing. But the stability of the Motherships does too....

Should it be obvious that the Huge Trouble is significantly more forgiving than the Motherships?

Also, given their respective turn radius (HT's is larger than the Motherships) wondering about people's sense of which is easier / harder / more work to turn (think tight trees at Silverton / Taos.)

Appreciate your thoughts.
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