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"Upgarding" from skiboards

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So currently I have a pair of Spruce 120 skiboards that I really do like and are a lot of fun. I have hit the slopes about 15 times over a period of 2 years. I bought them in '07 and before that I had gone regular skiing maybe a total of 7 times over a period of 5 years (so really quite a novice on regular skis).

Right now I am deployed to Afghanistan so this coming season will be short to say the least. I will be getting back at the end of Feburary and am planning on going to Tahoe for several days as soon as I get back with a friend ... however he refuses to ski with me while I am on skiboards so I either upgarde to regular skiis or don't ski with him. He is convinced I won't be able to keep up with him on skiboards (which really, I won't be able to keep up no matter what because he has skiied his entire life and competed in races growing up so he is way beyond my skill level)

So my question is, is what is a good pair of skiis to get, that would still give me close to the same freedom I get on skiboards and would be good for all types of conditions and also doing jumps? Also I am 5'10"  175lbs

Also if anyone has some insight on the skiboard hate that would be welcomed.
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Skis can do everything skiboards can do, but with more style.  Skiboards can most definitely NOT do everything skis can do.  This is the origin of the skiboard hate, but it goes deeper than this.  There's a reason skiboarding is no longer on the X games--even if you're throwing a misty 720, it looks lame as hell on skiboards!  Do the same on skis, and you're a god. 

I'd recommend a pair of mid-fat (~90mm under foot) twin tip skis for you in the 170cm range.  I don't know much about specific brands/skis, but that's my 2c. 

Cheers to you and your mission in Afghanistan.  Keep fighting the good fight. 
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Some of it is definitely aesthetic.  Some of it has to do with capability. 

I'm trying to find the right analogy, but basically, there are lower barriers to entry -- it's easier to get down the hill as a beginner -- but a concomitantly lower top end.

The good news is that you're coming back at about the time that the first deals will start hitting.  I'd start your search by sending a message to SierraJim, who runs the consumer side of Start Haus in Truckee and tries more skis in the conditions you'll be facing than anyone I know.

And seconded thanks for your effort and sacrifice.  Get home safe.
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