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Look Tx

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So I've been looking around the used market and there are some Look TX's available, but there seems to be no information here or elsewhere on the internet.  Are these any good?  Are they too old to have a lot of info floating around?  I know some people had them on Epic and I'm wondering what you peeps think. 
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 Huh.  Bindings that don't inspire any strong feelings.  I reckon that's a good thing because if they really sucked, someone would surely chime in and tell me.
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Why would they bring them back if they sucked. Think what the cost to make new a casting.
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Bring them back?  I don't know anything about that.  Looking on Rossignol's site I don't see any TX looking bindings.

Or perhaps I misunderstood your post.  Reading it again, I remain confused.
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Well, looking on EpicSki, the last reference to them was in 2002, i.e. 7 years ago, and at that stage the poster says that they have already had them for 2 years...
So, it's a 9 year old binding. I'd tend to shy away from something that old, even if was being given away.
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Understandable, but they are still on the current indemnified bindings list.
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