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Is a 143 to short length for my wife?

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My wife is 43 years in age, 5'-2" and 125 pounds. We just bought some boots in August and I want to get skis for her. I am looking at either the Dynastar Exclusive Sensation or Blue (2008) as well as the Fischer Vision Inspire. She's basically an intermediate skier looking to refine basic carving skills. She only skis the groomers mostly blue but occassionally a black run. I think a 148 length would be best for her but I found a good deal on a 143 length ski. However, I am concerned it may be to short. Do you think a 143 would be a mistake? 
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 In short, yes.
IMHO many  women are sold short on their ski purchases.  I'd go with something in the solid 160's in that particular ski, but she should be on something in the 150s, 148 at the shortest.  

If she has a chance to demo she really should.
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143 is way too short for 125 lbs.
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Yes, it's too short.  Unless your hill has <200' of vert, in which case she might as well practice her turning.

Which begs the question:  Where do you ski?  (And yes, it makes a difference.)
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We ski mostly at Dodge Ridge here in California with an occasional trip to Tahoe. I agree demoing ski would be best, it certainly helped me, I just don't my wife is likely to do it.
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My wife, when she was at a similar stage, bought a pair of Dynastar Exclusive Legends in 158, and they really helped her improve significantly.  (My wife's a little taller than yours; for your wife, I'd suggest a 152.)  They'll have as good edgehold as your wife is likely to need in the Sierra, and their flex characteristics will even allow her to start venturing off piste a bit.

Used 152s are running $200-250 online:
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Yep. Too short. Even the 148s are too short. Even 152s are borderline. And (correct me if i'm wrong oh equipment gurus) the skis you've selected seem to be geared toward a low intermediate. If she's skiing the occasional black run at Tahoe, you may be "under-skiing" her in the ski as well as length.
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Always listen to MOM! I guess I was under estimating her skill level, but after looking at skier rating levels, she's about about a level 6 skier which is near the top of the range of levels these skier are designed to accomodate. Thanks everyone you''ve helped me realize she needs a more advanced ski in the 150+ range. I will study the Legend are there any other ski suggestions from the forum?

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