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Core Shot

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I have a core shot in the base of my ski and have to remove a section of the ptex base and glue another piece in its place.
What is the best way to remove the ptex and clean the area so the epoxy will adhere solidly to the ski?
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Dremel tool is one option- watch the tip you use and be careful of not going too deep and taking too much material.
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It will hold better and produce a smoother seam if you undercut the base when you cut the piece out.
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If using dremel, a cheap accessory is their routing head/guide.  it'll aid in a flat level cut out.  if you have a bud with woodworking skills, they may have a lovely router guide with plunge adjust, and can wip up a template from which you can cut out an exact inlay for the base. 

what's the cost of having a shop fix er up ... i be a bit reluctant unless i had an old ski to practice on. 

wow, youtube vid with edge replacement is sure a scary procedure. 


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I simply cut mine out with a razor and it peeled right off.
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