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Maybe somewhere in all of this the equipment manufacturers are to blame. Are they selling more product because they decided to support and sell the large chain sporting good shops? The specilty ski shop got compromised a long time ago IMHO opinion when their suppliers decided they needed to have their products in the big chain stores.

I'm challenging the fact that the big chain stores ended up creating more demand for the product. I don't think so. What I believe instead occurred was the local specialty shops got compromised.
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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz View Post

It's always uncomfortable bringing in an internet purchase to a shop for mounting for example.

Worse yet would be buying boots online and going to a bootfitter who sells boots for fitting.

I think however in either case the shop or fitter will charge you more then if you'd bought from them, so I can't see it as being unethical, just uncomfortable.  

As 4ster said, you could let Store A know that you'd buy from them if they could be competitive on price, but that you'd understand if they can't and want them to know that you greatly respect them and want them to maintain your gear.  How could they mind this openness and praise?


For boots, buy them at the best price you can and take the to Paul Richelson up in Plymouth, NH.  He doesn't sell boots but is a fantastic fitter - one of the best anywhere.
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