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About me: 5'11"...200lb...55 years old...more smooth than aggressive Level 8 skier. I ski as few groomed runs as possible...focusing on glade skiing...moguls...and relishing as much fresh snow as I can find here in the East.

I have the opportunity to get a great deal on a pair of Elan 999's or 1010's and I am having trouble deciding between the two. To date I have been skiing on the Blizzard Cronus in a 180 in those conditions. I really like that ski and find the flex to be just about perfect. However I want a wider ski. The Cronus does not give me enough float at my weight when the snow gets deeper

I will not have a chance to demo either ski. I know more about the 1010 by reputation than the 999. My understanding is that the 1010 is fairly soft and very good in bumps "for a ski of its width". Is the 999 much stiffer or very similar? Would the narrower 999 offer much advantage in tighter bumps and trees...."quicker or more maneuverable"? No doubt it will offer better grip on hard snow whereas the 1010 will offer better float.

Please help me choose!