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The 2009-10 Marshalls / TJMaxx gear Report

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Ok, so I realize that highly marked up retail gear keeps many places in business, but I am a committed cheapskate.

Last year TJX (full disclosure, I own some stock)  bought massive quantities of mid range outerwear overruns that they quickly had to clearance. This year I see much less in that clothing department. Either the manufacturers have cut back production or the company didn't feel that it was moving enough of this kind of stuff. Still it's worth checking out and you can still spot some nice (not bottom of the line) Spyder, TNF and Marmot jackets and pants. Very good base layers are as usual in abundance from north face, terramar, nike, under armour, smartwool etc. Gloves are not nearly as plentiful from good makers but there are some cloudveil odds and ends that I've spotted. However, it looks like a good year for goggles and helmets. A few stores I've seen had almost the entire line of smith goggles from the I/O to the prodigy, anthem, phenom etc. I havel not see them for that price anywhere else. A sampling of models from scott, bolle, and anthem as well. Stores have also received a small selection of quality helmets. RED and Leedom seem to be stocked, and I couldn't resist picking up a prophet to back up my fuse for $30 and I was interested in seeing how the new ignitor lens compares to the old R36, so I picked up an extra pair of prodigy, also $30. If any of the goggles or helmets interest you I suggest you stop in soon. Not because they are selling out fast, but because they tend to get trashed. That's it for the report. Stocks vary widely at these stores so your mileage may vary. Good hunting, fellow cheapskates.
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The manufactures have indeed cut way back on the amount of goods produced. I would also like to point out that the gear is not really marked up all that much by the retailers. The TJ mazz stores are buying goods at 30-50% off wholesale, that $30 helmet was probably bought for less than $5 by TJ Maxx. Buying close outs is a great way to save some dough though I agree, I would do the same thing.
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I noticed the poor selection too.
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Just got back from my local TJ Maxx store (Bangor, Maine) with a Cloudveil Patrol down jacket for my wife. Got one for myself last week - each at $149.00 (vs around $475 retail). The store also had a selection of RPK Cloudveil RPK pants for $149 (vs somewhere in the $300+ range). I am a big fan of Cloudveil gear - and the support I got from them. I bought a jacket whose zipper pooched a few years later. I sent it back to have the zipper fixed. They replaced the jacket with a new one of far better quality - and they sent it out even before they received the old one. Anyway, I have an RPK parka and a pair of the RPK pants. They are bullet-proof and a major bargain at $149.00. Store also has some North face jackets that are ok, and lots of Spyder gear most of which is the lower end stuff. But there are a couple very nice pieces that retailed for more than $600 and are going for somewhere in the $250 range. His and Hers Cloudveil. Too sweet.
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Spyder shin guards $30 to fight off the crowds...........
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Cloudveil Down Patrol Jacket:   $79.00!!!!!!!!!!!
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Marmot Glade Gloves -- $29
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