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Ski Base Flattener

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Posted this in the wrong forum... moved it over to the tuning forum.
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The Skivisions base flattener is a useful tool, but is not a replacement for a good base grind. I use it primarily to smooth out the bases after doing base repairs (after initially shaving off most of the excess ptex with a scraper or file). It is also exceptional for removing old wax. One can get some pale semblance of base grinding by first hand sanding with coarse grit, the using the flattening blade to smooth it out and shave off ptex fuzz. This will flatten the bases, but doesn't approach the finish of a shop grind.

The steel flattening blade is perfectly square, and so, can be very easily resharpened with a diamond polishing stone, and thus can be used forever. The blade will become nicked when it cuts into edges, and the nicks can cut grooves in your bases, so working on edges (they can't be higher than the base material) first is important, as is checking and maintaining the edge on the steel blade.

When it comes to structuring, I don't recommend it. I have two different structuring stones, and neither of them is true, so using them would make the bases either concave or convex. What I'd like for it, is a riller blade to create linear structure, but I don't think they make one for it.
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