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Flat foot...

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Flat foot ( med: pes planus ), how to treat such case inside the ski boot ?
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 Ummmm maybe you could provide us just a little more info?
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Male ( overweighted ), 35 y.o., boots are Salo Xwave 8 with stock insoles., lot of foot pain when on ski, after orthopedist exam : pes planus ( don't know eng term ).
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     If you have a flex able flat foot, you should look into acquiring a set of custom foot beds from a "qualified" boot fitter (Cped.) this will stabilize your foot---support your arch---center your heel in the boot shell and keep your inside ankle bone from framming the shell.  Comfort and control will improve immeasurably.  I question whether a "8" level boot will support your frame(overweight)  Pes is Latin for foot---planus is flat like a plain(land with no hills or valley's).

Good luck
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lobo, follow the advice of Miketsc, i am just in a  fascious mood this evening
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"fascious" mood ---I like that---facious, is that like flatulent?
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Originally Posted by miketsc View Post

"fascious" mood ---I like that---facious, is that like flatulent?

That would be me....according to my wife anyways. :)
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