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Nordica Spitfire Pro

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Has anyone skied this Nordica? Compare to Fischer Progressor 8-9, Head Supershape Magnum, Dynastar Contact 4x4???
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Yes (except for the Heads). We only sell three (non race) hard snow specialty type skis. They are the other three you mention.

Spitfire: Light, nimble, high energy, very slalomy feel but way more forgiving than a race ski or the burlier Nordies like the Mach series.

Progressor: Despite its snug turn radius, the P-9+ feels more like a GS ski to me. Smooth, very damp, energy is well modulated by the flowflex plate.

4X4: Feels like a blend between an all mountain ski and a GS ski. Probably the most powerful of the three. Less quick than the other two but more versatile.

Three very very well thought out skis.........

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Thanks SJ,

I'm looking for a ski specifically to take the PSIA level lll skiing exam this winter on the East Coast. A groomer ski that can handle icy conditions, particularly gnarly, misshapen, poorly spaced bumps that we find more often than not.

I've been skiing on Head i supershapes, a great carving ski, but they demand a high level of precision in any kind of slipping exercise and aren't bump friendly.

I'm focusing on 1 of 3 skies for this season: Progressor 8+; Spitfire Pro; Supershape Magnum.

I skied the Magnum last season and wasn't all that impressed. I've skied the RX8 and it's a fun ski but doesn't push me to ski better--maybe the 8+ is different. The Spitfire looks intriguing. Have you skiied it enough to comment on it's performance in bumps and it's ability to slip vs. carve?

Thanks again for your help. It's very much appreciated.
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I haven't skied but about 3 runs on it (which is about normal for me in making decisions). Here's the reason I bought the Spitfire.......

Last season, our shop had too many models of high end carving type skis. It's not that we don't sell them, just that we had too many choices. So I was skiing with a Nordica on hill rep who is also on the PSIA National Demo Team and a great guy who sells a lot of skis to pros for us. I told him to pick the Nordica offering in that category for me. Without hesitation, he chose the Spitfire to replace the three models from Nordica that we had been carrying (Dobie pro Slalom, DP GS and the Mach 3 Ti). His reasoning was that while the others were beefy, burly skis, with near race ski grip, the Spitfire is the more versatile ski.

I can't comment fairly on the Head but personally, I thought that the Progressor 8+ was a dissapoinment. (Love the 9+ though).

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 SJ, I recall that you said you were not demoing the blizzard supersonic, so perhaps someone else can help me out with my question.

I am interested in the relative virtues of the spitfire pro compared to the blizzard supersonic?   In particular, for a 5'11" 170 lb mid 30's guy, skiing on a small hill on piste and in the bumps.  Obviously, the spitfire pro has a smaller radius, but I am wondering about the overall quickness and snappiness.  

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