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All members of the CSCF with current addresses should have received a mailing redgarding a 'special general meeting' proposed for Dec 13, 2003 in Collingwood Ont. If you have not received the mailing or would like more information you can get it here

The mailing contains a ballot which must be filled in and mailed or faxed no later than Nov 21, 2003. If you vote FOR you are voting that the Special General Meeting go ahead with the intent of removing the whole board of directors. If you vote AGAINST then the current elected board shall serve out it's term and the special meeting will not take place at all. This mailing represents a considerable expense to the membership as would the General Meeting.

For those unaware the reason for this proposed meeting is the dismissal (non renewal of contract) of a long member of the technical staff. This non renewal took place only after a lengthy process, by unanimous decision of the board and an agreement was signed in conjunction with a healthy compensation package.

Despite this a group made an effort to vote out the entire board at the Annual General Meeting. Voting out the entire board is explicitly against the bylaws put in place to protect the entire membership. This group carried with them over 200 proxies (also against the bylaws) that had been altered with no way of determining if the alterations took place AFTER the signature was entered by the member. These proxies all told represented under 3% of the membership. The board was absolutely obliged to disregard these proxies and thankfully they did.

This same group still will not let this issue die and the board has decided to give the entire membership the chance to vote on continuing this effort to dismiss the board or lay it to rest and let the board carry on with other work. The board's position is to encourage as many members of the CSCF to make informed votes according to their views to get a fair representation of the membership as a whole.

In your mail out you will find a letter from the board emphasizing positive acheivements of recent years from a fairly contiguous group (as the bylaws insist) and positive on going and current initiatives as well as planning for the future.

The last 2 pages of the mail out are the views of a member of the dissenting group. I feel this letter contains a number of misleading statements and will discuss that further with any one who wishes to contact me.

Anyone who has further questions can private message me here or email me directly at uff AT ultimatebanff dawt calm. I have been authorized directly by the board of directors to speak on their behalf but as per their direction will try to give a balanced view and only wish that as many members as possible vote but do so in an informed responsible manner.

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