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sigh, enui!

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Last day of the ski season here, in fact it's 3pm so they just turned the lifts off for another year. So I handed in my uniform, which I've worn every day since mid December except for 8-odd days when I was PSIA training, attending an exam or skiing with mates. I didn't take many days off.

We were meant to have "exit interviews" where we could be told how we'd done, and what to expect next year. However, all the main supervisory types left days ago, and all that were holding the fort were two young foreign staff! So I haven't a clue. The outgoing manager gave me a nice reference when I asked for one.

I guess this makes it easier to decide to look elsewhere for next year. It almost smacks of arrogance to me, that they just assume that people will roll up again next year. I guess there's plenty of new applicants every year.

Leaves one feeling a bit flat though.
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ant, you'll still be signing on here from Australia, wont you? We'd miss if you didn't.

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Have a great summer, Ant.

And, uh...what Ott said! Keep in touch!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Originally posted by Ott Gangl:
ant, you'll still be signing on here from Australia, wont you? We'd miss if you didn't.

yup! I am a net head extraordinaire. In fact the net cafe here is closed tomorrow, and I had 3 hours I'd paid for, so I'm surfing away busily to use it all up (I am MEAN).

Besides, I get most of my best knowledge here, it's easily the best resource on the net...if SCSA would stop cluttering it up with fights about that harrable hob fellow (obscure reference).
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You got it.
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Your comment about the exit interview rings a bell. Do you think cynicism or just sloppiness was behind their neglect to get the job done? (Or whatever you think the cause is--I don't mean to put words in your mouth.)

If you were in charge, what improvements would you make at that school to make it more likely for people like you to return next year?
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(posting from a very far away time zone now!).

Hmmm, well I worked my way up into mg't in my old job, and undertook quite a lot of on-going training to plug my perceived skills gaps. So, I'm pretty critical of managers and supervisors in general.

Well, the basics are key.
1. You let your staff know WHAT you expect of them, and then let them know in what why they are meeting those expectations, and any deficiencies. This didn't happen.

2. Feedback is important; you don't let problems develop into big problems, you deal with anything emerging early. Likewise, if good stuff is happening (like guests saying nice things about staff), you should let the staff know asap.
I found out that i was getting positive comments by accident, by a comment dropped by the person who'd been inputting that stuff into the computer (never heard it again, mind you).
Why put that stuff in the computer if you're not going to use it for anything? I'm gone, so what purpose will it now serve? Seems like it was a waste of someone's time.

3. The company has a model, for mid-season and end of season reviews to be conducted. This is fairly standard in many companies. Didn't happen.
When I ran employment offices, I did these. It was a positive process, because I observed points 1 and 2!

4. In a business such as this, with a highly mobile workforce, they should recognise that having staff return lessens their need to train and monitor new people, and gives them a core of experienced staff, which puts less strain on supervisory staff. If you want this to happen, then you have to do something to ensure that it does happen, like talk to people before they leave! Just sitting back and expecting them to come back is not going to do it.
I kind-of suspect that it's more a case of there's plenty of instructors out there, they'll always have plenty knocking on the door. This kind of attitude makes me less interested in being one of them.

I could go on...management isn't rocket science, and if it's done right, a business practically runs itself, freeing up managers to expand the business, try new things, all kinds of possibilities.
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