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Best Shop in Maine

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I have to make a trip to Maine in the next week or two for other commitments, but I really want to go to a good ski shop wile I'm there to try on as many different boots as I can to figure out, with the help of a good boot fitter which one it perfect for me.  So whats the best ski shop in Maine?  Id like to be able to try on as many brands of boots as possible so which shop has the most selection? I was thinking Al's Ski Barn, I bought my Prophet 90's from them and their on-line store has virtually every boot available but,  I'm not even sure if they have a actual store that you can walk into.  Thanks guys.
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Maine's a big state. Can't say that I know all the good shops in Maine. But if I was going to put my faith in someone to get me into the right pair of boots, it would probably be the guys at Ski Depot in Jay. These guys have done very well by me. They seem to have a loyal following of high end skiers and racers. Check them out at ski-depot.com. Good luck. 
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 The best fitter is Lionel at Happy Tunes in Carrabassett Valley. He does not have a huge selection of boots, but once you find a pair he is THE guy in that area to have them fit.
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It looks like Poulin is still around.  I worked there many, many years ago, but Larry Poulin ran the best shop I ever was affiliated with.

Poulin Cycles
558 Riverside Dr
Augusta, ME
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I second Lionel Hering as a very skilled bootfitter. He does some retail, with a limited line. Lange Dealer, perhaps Salomon. My suggestion as a first stop would also be Ski Depot, in Jay. Check on line for brand selection. Jay is about an hour south of Sugarloaf, about an hour and a half from Portland, and 45 minutes to Sunday River. The brands and selection, I think are identical at The Boyne owned mountain shops at both Sugarloaf and Sunday River. At Sunday River, you also have Jack Frost. In the Portland area, you have SnowConnect {the former Joe Jones}, and Arlberg. North Conway, NH has a lot of options....an hour or so from Sunday River. Stan and Dan is a very good shop. Joe Jones is there. Newfy, I'm not sure how much Poulin's is doing ski business. I think primarily a bike shop these days. Al's is on-line, but the owner has been known in the past to meet people at his "barn" to help them out. He's in the Freeeport/Yarmouth area. Good guy.

I might head to Jay and Ski Depot, and then if needed, to Sunday River, and maybe even North Conway. There's no one shop that will have it all. Ski Depot is a dealer for about 6 major brands of boots, though. Nordica, Fischer, Lange. Atomic, technica, and I think Dalbello.

You also need to call {not just check on line} to check on hours of operation for these shops this time of year. The mountain shops, in particular.

Good luck.  
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Somehow I thought I was still in the cycling thread.  Jetlagged...duh!
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