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Question about female Racers

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I was watching the FIS at Copper on OLN this afternoon. This is only the second time I've ever seen Sarah Schleper. And this is the second time I've seen her wipe out. The first time, was a race last year that Janaka Kostelic (sp??) had one. I remember thinking that although Shlepper had an amazing amount of strength, it almost seemed (to my untrained eye) that her power was greater than her balance.
In contrast, Kostelic makes everything seem effortless, and ends up being pretty stable at high speeds (does anyone know why she was not at this FIS race at Copper?}

There was another skier, from France, Laure, oh darn I can't remember her last name! She did fairly well, and the comentator was saying that her strong abdominals enabled her to keep her torso more centered, giving her more power.

Terespin and others, plese do not be offended by my question. But I need to ask, does it seem to anyone else that Shlepper almost "overpowers" her skiing, causing her to lose her balance?

Before everyone flames me for asking the question, keep in mind I am not being overly critical. Even though I've seen her wipe out twice, I still consider her an incredible skier,
However; one of the things that is being studied in sports medicine today, is the bridging of the gap between functional and absolute strength. For many athletes, it has been discovered that if their strength overwhelm their balance, their technique may suffer.

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Shlepper? Who the H is Shlepper?
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Sarah Shlepper is a racer girl from Vail. At the bottom of the slalom course at Copper's Copperopolis, Shlepper had her own gang of cheering supporters in a tent with her namer everywhere.

I won't comment on her style of skiing. The name of the game is to get around the gates and past the finish first. Styles can get a little tweaked with that goal in mind. It's not so geared towards efficiency as it is speed. Although you'd think that one would beget the other.

Did you catch her red, white and blue mouth guard?
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Oh she is pretty amazing, and very fast. But this is the second time I've seen her wipe out, which means she ends up losing.
BTW, the French skier is Laure Pequenot.
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She just LOOKS good in the outfit!

Well she is Fourth overall right now, too, but WAY COOL!

She has more of an upright stance and her attacks are steady, calculated and of course NORDIC!
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I like upright better than nose in the snow foward. Feels more natural and functional.
Did you say nordic? I was wondering about learning cross country to cross train this year, as a means of staying active when I can't afford lodging rates for a weekend at the resorts.
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It is rumored that the Norwegien team trains on skinny sticks for balance and conditioning pre season.

Of course most in the country are born with a pair on them.

Decendants of LAPLANDERS.

Those LAPs are an interesting TRIBE.

They chase down raindeer on thier skis for fun! (of course they catch them! catch and release is part of the sport)
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LM, part of what goes on in a race is TRYING. Sometimes racers TRY TOO HARD.
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Was it just me, or did that seem like a really wide open slalom course? Or was it because they set the women's courses like that? You'd think with the tiny skis they're using the courses would be getting tighter.
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Skiing, like, for example, figure skating, is a sport where nerves, concentration and ability to perform under pressure play a very important role during the competition. I think this plays a huge role in making mistakes. Some skiers are good at bringing it all together, other are not so good.

As for balance vs strength. In my opinion, you can never have too much strength (or money or beauty or balance or powder days, etc. [img]smile.gif[/img]). Seriously, given that balance remains the same, a skier will usually benefit from additional strength. That does not mean that one cannot improve balance. Maybe Sarah needs to improve balance, technique, finesse. I truly don't know and I am not qualified to comment. But her strength will remain an asset under all circumstances. (Herman Mayer has shown us again and again what superior strength can do when those G-forces build up).

And that was my 3 cents (2 cents US).
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LM, how did you conclude that Schleper is "too powerful"? What motions lead to that conclusion?

I don't follow you at all. Please explain.
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Not too powerful, but possibly more powerful than she is balanced. So Tom, I definitely agree, I don't think she needs less strength, but possibly more balance.
And I haven't ""concluded" anything, which is why I phrased the topic about female racers"QUESTION " about female racers. Just exploring an idea.
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You are going to see a lot of that this year. Those tiny 150's with a lot of tail pop are not forgiving.

A little bounce combined with a momentary lapse (weight back) and........ SPOING ....... you get launched.
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If you are not wiping out you - you are not trying hard enough; when you are not trying hard enough you are not winning. WC race is just part of a few that count towards the Cup. Racer is better off coming in say 3rd in one race and wiping out in a second than finishing both 9th or 10th. And one win counts for more than two 5th places...

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Okay, I understand. Thank you!
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Since the topic is "Question about female racers", I have one...who can get me Caroline LaLive's phone number?
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Sorry, irul, I can't give out our home number, but I'll tell her about you once she's finished cooking my dinner, and ironed my shirt for tomorrow...
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You wish chump. I think you've sucked down a few too many pints of Guinness today. But hey, I've got to salute someone who really likes their fermented beverage of choice.
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you're right. I admit it. She can't iron.
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As long as we are on the topic, what do you folks think of Kristina Koznic idea of hiring her own independent coach?

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If you're thinking about Kristina Koznick, she's been doing that for a couple of years, which is why last year she was not on the USST, but (as I understand it), competed as an independent racer representing the US.

Last I heard Koznick and coach were involved on a personal level.

But now another question...how is the dreaded VPL avoided with those skin tight suits?

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Kristina Koznick,

Has her own web site;

Kristina Koznick
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by irul&ublo:

But now another question...how is the dreaded VPL avoided with those skin tight suits?

Uh, no panties?

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Are you telling me they are going commando? What will happen at the Olympics? I think not wearing underwear is illegal in Utah.
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