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Originally Posted by L&AirC View Post

I would go back since the owner wants to make things right. Chances are you'll get better service in the future because the owner will remember you. He may even throw in a free ski tune.

Remember the thread on operant coditioning your new dog?  It's the same.  You gave the sales clerk negative reinforcement (without him knowing it) and now you need to give the owner positive reinforcement.

Actually, negative reinforcement involves producing an annoying stimulus which you remove when the desired response is obtained. For example, your car buzzes at you until you buckle your seatbelt--at which point it stops. Turning off the buzzing sound is negative reinforcement. Similarly, when your wife stops nagging you after you take out the garbage, she's applied negative reinforcement. If the shop owner reprimanded the salesperson, that would actually be punishment. 


Another example of negative reinforcement is the annoying guy who comes on forums nattering at people on the correct definition of negative reinforcement. duck.gif

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Let's see... walked into a local shop, gave very specific criteria for the type of ski I wanted: wide (115+), long (185+), rockered, medium flex, twin-tip, near center mount, jibby feel. Gave him by background in skiing: All mountain freeride, park. Not looking for a carving ski. The ski salesman then proceeded to direct me toward a pair of Stockli Rotor 106s in a 177cm length. I kindly told him that wasn't what I was looking for. He then tried to point me towards the Volkl Katanas. Again, not even remotely what I was looking at. He then proceeded to tell me about how they only sell "the finest" in ski equipment. After seeing all of the Volkl product at the shop, I asked him what his thoughts were about K2... he went on a 15 minute rant about how K2 skis are Chinese made garbage, as I could barely hold in my laughter. I then asked him about K2 owning Volkl. He proceeded to tell me how all Volkl skis are made in Germany, and they are far superior to K2 crap. At this point, I was getting annoyed. So far, all he had tried to sell me was elitist crap about how superior the brands they carry are to other brands, coupled with skis that I didn't want. I then proceeded to go down the line of Volkl skis, and point out on each one where they said "Made in China" (with the exception of the Gotama), then watched him try to stammer his way out of his lies (or wrong information). Long story short, I haven't gone back to that shop since. Most of the guys I ski with have had the same experience. Too bad, as they do a good bootfitting. I know two of the ski techs there, and they have verified that the general atmosphere is elitist. The other ski shop in town knows skis, but doesn't know boots. The salesman there tried to convince me that Salomon Ghosts would have a similar fit to Full Tilts (the narrow lasted ones). So we have one shop that knows boots, and one that knows skis. Strangely enough, probably one of the most knowledgeable salesmen in town works at Sportchek, selling crap equipment to people that don't know better. In this town, it helps to know what you are talking about and what you want before you visit any of the shops here.

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These are verbatim, sometimes directly to a customer, sometimes the owner training employees.


  • Describing the bootfitting process, the owner says: "Take the liner out of the boot, have them step in the boot, and stick your fingers behind their foot.  They will think you are an expert!"
  • Salesperson says:  "Let's find you some red skis to match your boots"
  • Salesperson says to another salesperson: "Get him a 25.5 and don't tell him the size"


This from Atomic Rep on a lift with me:


  • Me: "Are those the FIS slalom skis?"
  • Rep: "No, they are one level down; you have to be perfect to ski on the FIS skis"
  • Rep: "You should get slalom skis"
  • Me: "Yeah, I'd like to sometime.  What size would be good?"
  • Rep: "You shouldn't go lower than a 160."
  • Two minutes later, Rep: "I could get you a pretty good deal on a pair of 155's" nonono2.gif



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Originally Posted by Vitamin Ski View Post



"Get him a 25.5 and don't tell him the size"


Not ashamed to admit that I have done this while helping out in the rental shop. When a kid comes in, and says that they have a size 6 foot, and they wear huge skateboard shoes, I hand them a boot that is about a size smaller than their shoe size. Inevitably, if I tell them the size, they will say that it is too tight, no matter how many times I tell them how a boot should properly fit. If I tell them that the boot is the same size as their shoe, even though it isn't, they usually say that it fits perfectly. I had a kid, about 14 years old, come in to rent boots and skis. He told me that he wore a size 7 shoe, so I started him off with a 23.5. Of course, he said it was too tight. I moved up to a 24.5. He said it was too tight. This went on until we got to a 27.5, and he said THAT was too tight also. I pulled off my shoe and put on the boot, after informing him that I wear a size 12 shoe. I told him I would go one size larger, and gave him a 23.5 in a different model boot. He said it fit perfectly. One of my favorite stories, ranks right up there with the time I watched a lady and her husband struggle for a half-hour to put on the boots they had just bought. Finally, frustrated, they came over to me and asked for help. I undid the buckles and silently handed them back. And we trust these people to ski...

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Originally Posted by Vitamin Ski View Post


Salesperson says to another salesperson: "Get him a 25.5 and don't tell him the size"


Whenever I fit boots to a customer, I rarely tell the person the US Brannock conversion.  I have instructed my employees only to tell customers only the mondo size.  Many people don't even know what their feet measure anyways, so why bother telling them?  I learned long ago that people will insist on trying on a size what they think that they are.


Today a lady came into the shop, and told me that she has been trying on 27.5 boots since she learned a formula for converting US women's Brannock to mondo from the interwebs.  She insisted that she try on 27.5.  After I measured her feet and did a basic foot assessment, she tried on and bought a pair size 26.5 Salomon Idol 85s with footbeds and a few pairs of socks. 


I can tell a lot of stories of larger differences between what people think they are and what they actually measure.  There was the three inch shell fit...



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Originally Posted by Denny1969 View Post

There was the three inch shell fit...


That would be a couple of very fat fingers...




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