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Huge kudos and thanks guys

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After renting and skiing on old rental gear for some 22 years I finally decided I deserved a decent pair of new boots.
I poured over every post, wiki, faq, and video I could lay my hands on.

Armed with my new knowledge gained here from you guys I spent two days trying on boot after boot after boot.  I was just about to give up and then finally I found a boot that fit all of the specifications that you guys laid out.  Came home today with my brand new pair of Nordica Beast 10's for a great price.  It's like this boot was made just for me. (really)  It's tight now but I know now that is good.  It's got a little hot spot but I know now that can be fixed easily by a fitter. (it's on the outside of one foot just forward of the ankle, nothing there but plastic)

They guys in the shop weren't all that knowledgeable but with what I learned here I was able to take care of it myself.  (I live in the high plains so it's a long ways to the mountains for a good deal of time to be spent at a fitter)

Now just have to wait patiently for the season to kick off and get them to The Boot Dr's in Taos. (who will probably be the fitter unless you guys have a better suggestion)

Just want you guys to know that the time and experience that you share here is appreciated to an extent that you may not always hear out loud.

Many happy turns guys!

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Totally glad to hear of your experience!

The Boot Dr. is a solid shop. If you get farther north, I'd highly recommend Jeff Bergeron in Breckenridge or any of the guys who regularly post here.
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We are about to add Charles Bradley of The Boot Doctor in Taos, NM to our panel of pros here.   He is a Masterfit University instructor and I am sure you will be in very good hands.

Your comments are very appreciated.  The pros in the EpicSki Boot Guys put a lot of thought and effort into this to bring an understanding of alignment and fitting that the average skier is not exposed to.    Thanks for the feedback.
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