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Some advice

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I hope this kind of topic is allowed here.

First off, my ski history in short:
1989: first year of skiing (3y old)
Been trough the entire ESF system up till 2 years of Compétition.
Then I had a few years without classes and did some tourski trips with my father.

Throughout all those years, I had always rented my skies (parents paid and I liked using different pairs throughout the week). I've had the pleasure to experience a lot of the differences between models, but I'm not confident enough to make a clear choice. Hell, I'm not even sure which kind of ski I want and what lenght in which section would be best.
I think you could say that it took me 20 years of skiing to really get to a point where I feel I can judge small changes in gear, and to awaken my interest in it.
The boots I use most of the time these days are Nordica Speedmachine 12.

What I'm looking for are all round skies. I do about 80/20 piste/offpiste on a normal week, I get my offpiste pleasures when I tourski without the girlfriend ;) As my friends improve over time, I do plan to do more offpiste. Besides some fooling around, I barely do any fun parks.

I'm being faced with a very difficult choice now though, simply by the massive amount of options and lack of objective comparisons (imo). I have a niece who is lucky enough to be able to test skies for a dutch magazine, and she suggested some of these:

Elan Magfire 82 XTi - 184 (or 176?)
Stockli Stormrider XXL (a bit too expensive to my liking, but if it's worth the 380eur difference with the elan, I would pay up :) )

Blizzard G-force Supersonic 10 - 174 (or 181?)
Elan speedwave 14 white fusion - 176
Stockli Laser SC (unsure what length I should go for either, 170 or 177?) - Same price issue.

Currently I'm tending more to the allmountain range and the Elans in particular, but as I said, I have no clue of the alternatives.

Finally, something I know even less about: bindings. Feel free to throw me some good suggestions or such.

Thanks in advance!

ps: in general, I've lurked here and everywhere else quite a bit, but if I missed some good source (say something about ski lenght vs experience, bindings and mounting position, etc)
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You bet ski talk is allowed here.  Bring it on Brother.

What size are you to understand your needs a little better . The skis you are looking at are definitely damn good skis.  Also what kind of terrain you like or wish to explore makes differences in your needs/wants define that choice.

Welcome to Epic .
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Thanks for the warm welcome!

I'm 188 cm and 78 kilo.
As far as terrain goes, I have a pair of tourski's (on suggestion of my father) for those full powder days, so I suppose I'm mostley in need of general use ski's. 80% piste 20% offpiste. Piste consisting mostley of black ofc.
Haven't done any real racing for a while, but I would use my brother's R9S WC for that.
Over time this will change to more and more offpiste, but my girlfriend needs to get a few more years of experience before I can go loose there with her :)

I'm currently tending most towards the 82XTi Lime Fusion, but them being from this season, I haven't found any real reviews on this version. I would probably even consider the 82Ti if they didn't cancel that line :(

I'm still doubting a lot though, even between the 82's and the speedwave's.
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So, I did some more research (yes, I should have done this before I posted the topic :P ) and am probably going to go with the 82XTi. My niece said she had better experience with the Fisher Heat 76 FXS11, but from what I read I'll get more out of the XTi (than she did) because of my weight.

Just a last call in case someone has the ultimate alternative or objection.
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