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Tahoe lift ticket deals??

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Unfortunately missed out on the ski lake tahoe 6 pack deal as I saw it after it was sold out..
This would have been perfect for what we are looking to do..

Is there anything else like this out there??
3 of us are staying in Tahoe Jan 23-30th and want to hit a few different spots.

Heavenly, Kirkwood, Squaw, etc..  

Can't find much out there with the exception of the tahoe card.
Any deals you know of please post em up... Really appreciate the help in this crappy economy.
post #2 of 8   <-- great site with literally all discounts for the Tahoe area. 
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Thanks...  hopefully they'll update it sometime soon...   (10/09 last update)
Definitely on my watch list..
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They will.

You should also sign up for their newsletter.

By the way, the SnowBomb card is available for $40 at Bay Area Costcos.
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First Tracks just published a roundup of currently-available deals.

Also, it looks like a bunch of hills will let you purchase season passes at the old preseason prices, but only in person at the SkiDazzle shows.
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hi - hope you got a deal. I'm heading to South Lake Tahoe (Harvey's) with my GF the same time you are, leaving Boston 1/22 and returning 1/29. We rented a car, and flight, hotel and car are about $900 each for us.

I'm planning on skiing Heavenly 3 days and probably Squaw Valley 2 days.

I got a 3 day ticket at Heavenly online for $154 - which is a bit less than 2 days at regular rates.

Let's meet for a drink!

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Hello, we are leaving Tahoe on the 24th and will have an extra (4) tickets to Heavenly and (2) to Kirkwood. I can meet you somewhere in Tahoe and we can exchange the tickets so you can see you are getting the real deal. Make me a reasonable offer.
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Lucky and Savemart in the Northern Cal/Tahoe are sell Heavenly tickets for a discount.  REI stores in the bay area also have discount tickets to several different mountains.
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