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Hey guys,

I'm in grade 11 and have been skiing since I was in grade 5, but I always used rental skis because I worried about spending alot of money on a pair of skis and growing out of them. I'm considering buying a pair now since I'd probably get a better ski than what they rent you, and I'd probably get alot of use out of them. I like to ski powder whenever I can (although I live in Ontario, so that's on good days or when I can go on trips somewhere else), and do some cruisers and sometimes try some moguls too. I'm also getting into a bit of park skiing. It's not my main thing, but it'd be cool to have a ski that'd be versatile enough to do it. I'd say I'm sort of at an intermediate-advanced level - I can usually ski most of the terrain in any Ontario hill pretty confidently.
So overall, I'm looking for a ski to do powder whenever I can but be versatile enough that I can use it in the park and on steeps and cruisers.

I've heard alot of good things about the Volkl Ledge. People say it's really well constructed and that it's the best ski for the price, at least for what I'm looking to do. People on here also seem to reccomend the K2 Public Enemy for that type of thing. Twintips would be cool although I'm not gonna be spending all my time in the park.
So would a Volkl Ledge or K2 Public Enemy be a good buy? And what else should I check out?