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Excellent book on skiing: Free-heel skiing by Paul Parker

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Even though its primarily a book on telemark skiing it covers alpine skiing big time. Its last edition is dated 2001 and I only could read the last part of the book on line but it was great reading and well worth the time. Gotta get me a copy for under 12 bucks . Great book. Never heard of this book or author before.

His approach to skiing is very much to my liking. Insted of boosting his ego and ranting on others his focus is on skiing. His explanations are very simple and his consepts very easy to understand. He covers all kind of skiing conditions and terrain. Everything from flat groomers to bumps, crudd, slush, powder and steeps. Constantly refering to the basics in the beginning of the book and giving the reader lots of options not limiting the skier to only one technique. Its a well thaught through manual. This book is what I consider true all mountain technique. But telemark has always been more of an all mountain techniqe since its so closely related to cross country and hiking. Its also always been more athletic. Never seen an park and ride telemarker or one with very arrogant approach. Its more technique oriented than alpine skiing. This might be the reason the book is so good: he speaks to people that listen. People that want to learn and dont want to get hung up on details or nitpicking with no end. He puts lots of focus on upper body and balance. Therefore its as much alpine skiing as it is telemarking. I think every epic member could benefit from this book.

Heres one for you to chew on: crossover is the same as crossunder .
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 I picked up a copy at the thrift store several weeks ago.  There were several copies available that day for about $1 each.  I also scored a copy of Warren Witherals' "The Atheletic Skier" and a nice hardback copy of "Inner Skiing".
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We have Free-heel Skiing... listed here. It would be great if you'd copy and paste your review onto that page, tdk6.

Check out our other titles and add your favorites if they're not there. 
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Thanks nolo for the advice but could not fill in a review for some darn reason.... Great book though. tetonpwdrjunkie, one dollar!!! Its worth at least 19,95. Do you like it?
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I copy and pasted it for you, tdk6.  
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 I skimmed it and didn't see anything that seemed new to me.  I've been messing around on tele gear for over 20 years though.  It seems like a very complete book that may need a bit of an update to include some new stuff.  The new stuff can be cool and good, but I think it's funny how a lot of people forget that there have always been great skiers and that the old stuff works quite well.  Check out Pepi Stieglers skiing in Swift Silent Deep for example.  Witheralls book seems like it might be more challenging to me.  I know that he "revolutionized" how people look at skiing and I was lucky see him speak many years ago.  Again I think that a lot of people got caught up in micro adjustments of their gear and blaming 1 and 1/2 degree cants for shortcomings in their skiing.  I have one leg thats 1/2" shorter than the other and ski pretty darn good.  This is because I have worked pretty hard on improving my skiing and spent a lot of time on it.  I don't have a lot of sympathy for an occasional skier blaming their gear who IMO needs more miles.  Again I need to read AND understand the book before my opinion means much.  I have tried to read the Inner Skier a few times and like some of the ideas in there, but find the writing style and the tone of the book to be a bit dated.  I also think that for all of the valuable ideas in the book that it is not the panacea that the authors would have you believe.
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