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Questions Regarding Flex and Lange Boots

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I am currently looking to get new boots and was hoping someone could provide some advice on which boots I should consider.


-I am 6' 2" 195 pounds and an advanced skier who likes to ski aggressively.  Probably about two-thirds of my skiing is in the back bowls and but I also love taking some GS turns on the steep groomers.

- I have an narrow to average width foot with long toes but with a narrow heel and skinny ankles and calfs.

- I currently have old Lange L8 boots from circa 2002.  I used them for a full season before moving to the East Coast and since then I have averaged about one trip per year out West.  I have absolutely loved these boots and for my skiing style and setup, them seem to have the perfect level of flex (which is really not very much) but unfortunately these days, the boots are pretty worn out and sloppy.. 


1) Given my foot type, which boots would fit me best (for as long as I can remember I've had Lange's)?

2) Which boots would have similar performance/flex to my old Lange L8's?

Thanks in advance for any information you are able to provide.


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you didn't mention size.  but a similar last to your L8 and flex would be a new ZA plug it's 95mm lasting  and about a 100-110 flex. ZA plastic reflects the trent towards softer boots and is similar to what you had.
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even the HP shape from lange might work too?  bit wider, but still on the medium to narrow end of things

Best to go to a good shop that don't just sell boot, but FITS them and see what fits YOU (not just listening to some geeks online that have never seen your feet)
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Questions Regarding Flex and Lange Boots

I believe the old adage "if ain't broke, don't fix it".  Try a pair of lange banshee and decide for yourself.  You may be pleasantly surprised!
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Thanks for everyone's input.  It is greatly appreciated.

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Is the ZA plastic on all recent Lange models about a 100-110-- I have the 2008/9 WC 160 (92 last) in the ZA flex-- I was told it was about a 130.  I love the boot and the actual flex doesn't matter (its all relative, I suppose), just curious is all.  I have found the boot flex to work well for me-- although the flex range seems shorter than other boots I have owned-- which I like most of the time.
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