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Cuff inserts

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I bought a pair of boots a few years back that came with a set of bolt-on stiffeners to attach to the cuff. Anyone know where I can get another set of these? Any brand would do.
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Are you looking for a spoiler (for the back top of the cuff), or something else? 

Look into Booster straps if you can't locate "bolt-ons".

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I'm looking for something spoiler-like for the front. Nordica provided these with the K9.1s years ago, had a couple sets and stupidly threw one away.
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they are called shin plates. They are readily available from any shop that sells race boots. they still come in the box of a few different race models.

we have them in stock.

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Ah ha, now we're cooking with gas. Can I order from you for shipping in US?
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no problem, shin plates available for shipping anywhere. contact either of the jim's ( "sierrajim" or "the other jim" ) by PM or call us at the start haus.

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