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DTW -> SLC flights

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The last couple of years I remember the prices for flights dropping sometime in Fall/Early winter.

Does anyone remember when? I don't want to buy a ticket now, only to see the price drop to the $150 it's been the last several years...


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You can use something like Farecast. Right after Thanksgiving  usually has the lowest fares for the winter.  But I've heard some experts say they think it will only get more expensive this year? Airlines have cut so much capacity, they might be right. 
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Funny, I was just thinking of writing a post on how airfares (I'm also in the DTW area) seem to be higher this year. The question is whether any will drop. Last year I booked a last minute midweek flight to SLC  for about $200 with fees. This year with the drop in flights and the economy looking a bit better, I think it will be quite a bit more.
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It's a gamble. So take a bet with your gut feeling. Others might make a different bet.

I gamble it'll drop again. So I'm going to wait for now. But I'll re-evaluate that decision aroundThanksgiving tinme.
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