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Boot volume question - Going up a size?

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I currently have a set of tecnica vento 8 (size 26.5)boots that I picked up 3 years ago from a shop in chamonix, these boots were painful from the start but a lot of the isses were resolved by stretching the toe box and sides of the boot. The one issue that remained was a volume issue in the arch area of my foot. I constantly got pain from the boot crushing the top of my foot above the arch. I use custom footbeds so it was not a footbed issue more of a boot volume issue. I also find the boots too flexy

I went today for a boot fitting for a new set of boot and after assessing my feet and measuring the distance from my heal to heal over the top of my foot the bootfitter said that I would have to go upto a size 27 to get a fit based on the volume of my arch area, my foot is a 26.5 length.

At this point i should point out I have small, wide, tall feet for a 6 foot 240 lb guy.

After trying on many boots from tecnica, nordica and atomic, the most comfortable were some atomic hawk 120's in a 27.0. The fit on these was really comfortable but he did have to put in a small heal riser to stop the heal lift i was experiencing.

I have a few questions about the suggestions of the bootfitter, i am in no way criticising his choice but would like to get some feedback from others in the know.

1. is it common to go up a size to get the volume, mentally I just feel the boot will be too long now?

2. What is the general consensus on using heal risers?

3. I have always been told you can make boots bigger but you can not make them smaller. so I am concerned about getting bigger shells to accommodate my foot volume?

thanks for your advice on this.

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for your first question, it is possible that a persons instep height compared to the toe length is so tall that to fit it well into a boot you may have to go up a shell size.

concerning the next two questions, your fitter is throwing darts at the wall blindfolded.

seek out a better bootfitter, you are getting your chain yanked.

you cannot have a high instep foot that puts you a shell size bigger than what you measure and than throw in a heel lift to give you the heel hold down. do you get the lack of logic in his approach. these are opposing moves. you are not looking at the right shell shape for your foot, if you have a high instep and still need a heel lift to hold the heel down. barring other complications of you feet like no ankle dorsiflexion, or equinus, etc.

your guy has thrown everything at you that he knows or has on his shelf, and is still coming up snake eyes. find another guy


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 cleppard, Welcome to Epicski!  stay awhile and have a look around.

I concur with Jim, it doesn't sound logical to put you in a larger shell to accommodate your instep and then add a heel lift to abate your heel lift.  If you have instep space issues the heel lift will only exasperate that problem.    If you have room for a heel lift, you likely have room for your instep in the smaller shell?  Seek another fitter.
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Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it.

I did question the heal lift for the reasons you state.

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the guys have it nailed, another thing that you said makes me a bit suss, it was the "most comfortable thing you had tried"  no work on the toe box??? the hawx is 101mm in a 26.5 so not the widedst boot on the rack and definately not the highest instep, if you need wider and higher then a head vector may work a lot better, but the bottom line is you found a boot seller rather than a boot fitter

where are you based we probably know someone who can help you out
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Yep the comfort thing was also a shock as I know how much work I had to get done on the Ventos before they felt ok.

Im based near Calgary if you can offer any suggestions
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For Epic ski members, lou is in calgary,   I'm in banff (Ultimate fit center)

they guys at top shelf in fernie are great too  (boots, footbeds, foam, alignment is all included at $1400)
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