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EpicSki Academy Spring MiniEvent at Arapahoe--important questions

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Hi everyone--

There seems to be some real interest in a spring/summer EpicSki Academy at Arapahoe Basin. If it's going to happen, we have to move very quickly to get all the details in order. I have to make a proposal to Arapahoe Basin soon, so the more information I can give them, the better. I think that the first week in June should be the latest we should look at, because the snow is highly unpredictable after that. And it will take at least two weeks to get everything in order, and to give everyone time to make your travel plans.

Please reply to this poll only if you are seriously interested in coming to an EpicSki Academy of some sort this spring, assuming that the dates and other details work out for you. I'll throw in a "just want to see the results" answer for each question for those who are not interested in the Academy, but want to see how the poll is going.

To make this work as well as possible for the most people, I need to know right away WHEN would be the best time, whether WEEKEND or MIDWEEK would work better (midweek is hugely preferable for many reasons--not crowded, and the resort is more likely to want our extra business and maybe work us a deal, in particular--but I realize that it may not work out for some people). I also need to know HOW MANY DAYS people would be interested in.

Use this thread for additional comments, requests, suggestions, and discussion.

Please reply right away. I intend to make a proposal to Arapahoe on Tuesday.

Thanks! I look forward to seeing anyone and everyone at Arapahoe Basin!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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Bob: Alright, despite previous posts to the contrary, put me down as a for sure. Pick one of those weeks, and I'll show.

Thanks for the great idea and making the effort to pull it together. I offer my assistance, if there's anyway I can help, please ask.

VSP: If I can make it from Ohio ... I expect to see you [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Bob-Let me know (via PM) if there is something that I can do from home to help out this year.
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Unfortunately for me I can't get their those dates. I coach 2 baseball teams and their seasons run through June. It sounds great though and I commend Bob for kicking this thing off. By the responses, I can tell their are many of us who are not ready to say goodbye to ski season. One question. What is the rest of the ski world thinking, by hanging up their skis from March-Nov?

Bob, As they say. If you build it, they will come [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Gee yah know, I think I might be game for going. I need to check with the child unit, I think she is out of school on June 6.
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Are you going to include evening presentations? Even if I can't make the entire academy, I'd love to do an off season training workout on either thurs, fri or saturday. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hi Bob,

Even though I have some previous committments (Elephant Rock 50 miler on 6/1 and a vacation in Yellowstone NP 6/12), I am sure that I can help coach again. I noted in the poll that most seemed to favor the week of 6/2 and most seemed to favor two days. That would work into my schedule just fine, particularly if the Acadeny starts on Monday.

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Originally posted by Rick H:
Hi Bob,

Even though I have some previous committments (Elephant Rock 50 miler on 6/1 .

Hey me too. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Hi Bob;

If you need help, I would be more than willing to do
what ever needs to be done. I have worked with group events for climbing. I am still grounded from work till June sometime. eabrown

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Daughter says I can't go unless its the second week in June. She won't be out of school until the 6th. That's finals week. We will see.
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Will Memorial Day (May 26th) weekend impact the crowds at A-Basin? I just took a look at flights (from NY) and haven't found anything too exciting for that timeframe either, but I will keep checking.

For me, the biggest issue is time from work since I took 2 ski vacations this year, and plan to take most of December off too. The next is cost, but if it's reasonable enough, I might be able to 'find' the funds somewhere to attend - I really think this would be a great opportunity, as well as a lot of fun. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Midweek would be difficult, but I might be able to manage 2 days off either side of a weekend if that's possible. Fortunately, my manager is an avid skier also, and he might be somewhat understanding.....

Accomodation-wise - I am pretty easy-going, and would be happy with whatever is easy on the wallet and close to others for social stuff.

I have brand new skis - is it advisable to leave them behind and bring the older ones? (I really want to use the new ones!)
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I'd like to attend, and I could coach, but I need to know exact dates pretty soon so that I can make travel arrangements.\

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I'd be happy to help out where ever I can. My schedule is very flexible during the period that you are considering.

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Bob I would like to help out and attend, weekends are guranteed that my son and daughter could make it. I might be able to make it midweek but first cutting alfalfa is a really busy time for me on my full time job.

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I was at A-Basin the sat. after the Epic ski gathering and it was only about half as busy as the crowded sat. of the Epic ski day. I have'nt been online since last friday so this is news to me, I read that some people were concerned about bringing kids, I'd be glad to guide, coach and play with kids that show up.

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Has anyone deceided on firm dates for this? If I am going to attend, I need to know soon.

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Hang tight everyone we should begin to finalize things and start making announcement tomorrow!!

By the way, it is snowing again today.
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Well gang, it does not look like we'll be able to work out the all-important behind-the-scenes groundwork with Arapahoe Basin in time to do an "official" EpicSki Academy mini-event, up to our standards, there this spring. It was a longshot in the first place, putting together an Epic event at a new resort on such short notice--but it was worth a try! There are a few legal and logistical hoops to jump through in putting on an independent program at a ski resort, especially on Forest Service land. They're not insurmountable, as we proved with January's EpicSki Academy in Brighton, Utah, but they do take some time.

All is not lost. The Basin is excited about working with us in the future. Given a little more time, I think we could work it out this year, but summer is coming, and we don't want to do anything but a premiere event, with great snow. Anyone who was looking forward to an EpicSki Academy mini-event this spring is most welcome to come on up and ski in the amazing conditions the big late season storms have blessed us with (and there's another storm in the forecast for this weekend). I'd love to ski with any Bears--give me a shout. Do call ahead--I'm only part-time at the ski school, but I'm available most days, with notice. And if you're in the area on a Wednesday or Thursday this month, come join us for the Spring Tuneup Workshops. Ski with me, or with EpicSki's boot guru Jeff Bergeron, or with Willy or George, imported coaches from Aspen. It's a great program, and at only $30/half day (plus discounted lift ticket), a true bargain. It's even less if you want to do multiple days. Call the Arapahoe Basin Ski School (970-468-0718, or toll-free at 888-272-7246), or PM Jeff or myself if you have any questions.

Meanwhile, see Sno'more's latest EpicSki Academy newsletter, e-mailed to those on the list today. If you're not on the distribution list, PM Sno'more and he'll add you to it. Or click on 2004 EpicSki Academy Newletter and Prize. We are extremely close to finalizing a venue for the flagship EpicSki Academy event next winter. With the great response to the inaugural EpicSki Academy at Brighton in January, from participants, coaches, and the host resort, we've built a reputation that will help the EpicSki Academy become even better in years to come. Save a place in your calendar for the end of January, 2004!

Many thanks to those whose ideas and enthusiasm got us looking into a spring event. It's a great idea, and we'll certainly explore it for the future.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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Bob, thanks for trying to put that together! Is it warm there during the day?
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I'm still interested but am watching to see what develops as I can't be sure of my own situation.
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Edit: double post see below.

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To echo Tog, thanks for your efforts in trying to make a mini-Event work within the time limits you were faced with. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Thanks Bob for taking the time and effort for MiniEvent. Looking forward to the Epic Ski Academy that much more!
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