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hey socialists...

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I was wondering if there were any socialists on this website who purchase new stuff every year, and let "old" stuff just sit around.  I could really use someone's spring weight, weather proof gloves.  I don't care if they have been used.  Just wondering.  I'll send you $20 bucks for your time and shipping if they are nice (I just can't afford any more).  I've also been in need of goggles for a few years now.  Skiing is pretty much the only thing I treat myself to, and none of O'bama's plans have helped me at all.  Any of you kind people out there interested in your old gear going to good use? 
P.S.  I do have a job, I'm not a bum.  I have a college degree from University of Arizona (GO WILDCATS!!) and thorough job searches in Grand Junction turned up nothing but $10 an hour and lower jobs. 
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 Gloves and goggles are for the bourgeoisie. You don't need that crap.
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 it's been a rough year.  i know the ski crowd is highly affluent.  just looking for someone who wanted to do something nice is all.  I've always donated my used golf gear to local underprivileged kids, and i give high school golf teams lessons for free because i'm quite good at that.  i had a privileged upbringing, now i'm out on my own with my fiance and things just aren't the same.  i was just hoping some millionaire on here had some last years reusch gloves and oakley goggles that they planned on replacing.  if no one wants to, that's fine.  the worst that can happen when you ask is someone says no.
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Welcome to EpicSki Guroo270.
One thing you may want to remember is that the ski crowd is also filled with ski bums looking for the best deal and a place to crash, perhaps much like you.  Hope you find what you're looking for, perhaps the lost and found box at the ski resorts, or take a hike under the chair lift lines to see what someone dropped during last season.........
Have a great ski season!
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Highly affluent?  Maybe some but you could say that almost any recreational non-traditional sport.  I save all year so I can "afford" to go skiing and I go as cheaply as possible.  That is why I work, so I can play.  We could all use something for free but most things in life worth having are worth working and paying for.  Doesn't mean you have to pay alot, just be smart, find a good deal, and take/find some friends.   Like Trekchick said, we are all looking for the best deal and a place to crash...and that includes me. 
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Understood.  Just asking.  Just looking for someone else like me is all.  When I visit my family's house in Vail, I would be willing to trade a 2 night stay for a pair of good gloves and goggles.
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Mattchuck2 - That is one UGLY pair of ski gloves but then again that is why they are 50% off. They are a sure fire sign that after 20 years dayglo is back.

Good luck guroo. Wish I had left overs to fill your request.
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