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Salt Lake motels

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Has anybody stayed at the Ramada Limited in Draper?  Its cheap, which probaby means kinda beat up.  That's ok, within reason.  I'm trying to save money on the room to spend more on the mountain.

There are a lot of bad reviews at the various hotel search engines, but I've learned to take those with a grain of salt.  Does anybody have 1st-hand experience?

Are there any other lodging I should look at?  I know about the Extended Stay America, and its in my list of alternatives I'm considering.  (By the way, it gets trashed in the hotel sites too, but I've only read of good experiences with it here.)

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I have stayed at the candlewood suites on park centre drive. It was cheap, clean, and with a kitchen. Great access to both BCC and LCC from there. Check it out for another option.
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What kind of rate you looking at?   I've had good luck with Hotwire at the last minute on 3 stars and up.  Generally,  higher ratings have better discounts.  

The 2.5  star Ramada airport is beat, but it's $39 on hotwire often. I usually get in late and don't want to pop for an room at Alta that night since I've already missed apres/dinner.
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I stayed at the Sandy Extended Stay twice last winter. I believe you can get a room there for about $ 60 a night if you stay 5 or so days. Its a true budget hotel. They have coin washer and dryers on site , coffee in the AM. The best ammenity was a free pass to the 24 Hour Fitness club a couple of miles away. Every chain restaurant you can think of is no more than a mile away and some you can walk to. The hotel has wireless which is good and a refrigerator and microwave. Also Canyon Sports where you can buy discounted lift tickets is 150 yds away .

The traffic is really heavy late in the afternoon the last mile or so as this is a very developed commercial area. My customer who stays there all winter told me the police raided the place a couple of years ago . Somebody was running a meth lab in one of the units. This same guy had his truck broken into in the parking lot last season and his skis stolen.

All that being said , I would stay there again because on balance its a decent price value.
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 We stayed at the Ramada Limited Salt Lake City and I thought it was fine.  Decent shape, above average breakfast, coin washer and dryer, mexican, pizza and big store within a couple of blocks, excellent free shuttle to the airport and ski bus.
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We stayed at the extended stay in union park which was conveniently located and at a real good rate.
It was clean and there's a fairly good sports bar/grill within walking distance.
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My personal recomendation is the pavilion inn. Its good location. 79 a night. Good breakfast with decent free coffee and free cookies. Its a nice hotel. 2-3 star. Alot better than ESA or super 8.
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Ah, there is a twist.  Apparently we are taking one of my son's friends with us. (He is using his Dad's frequent flyer miles and buying his own lift tickets).

But now I need three beds.  Does anywhere have rooms with three beds?  Some of the suite-style places have rooms that look big enough to hold an extra.
Or do I stay the dirt cheap place and get two rooms?  Having two bathrooms would be handy in the morning rush.
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I did a quick tour of the ESA Sandy location post Gathering last year to check it out.  Large rooms with a full apartment size kitchen.  The place was fairly clean and the rooms were quite large with a sitting area and room enough left to set up a tuning bench if needed.  That location is excellent as it is so close to Snowbird and Alta.  4th night is free right now through Expedia. It runs about $ 56/night plus taxes (13% I think)

I (and several others) are going to try the Union Park ESA location.  It's a few miles away and a little more "in the city" I think.  It's about $7 bucks cheaper per night. There is a chance SC may come out post Gathering.  If so and I'm not impressed the Union Park location I'll switch to the Sandy ESA.

As far as the third bed, they may have roll-a-ways.  I'd call and ask.....or put they boys in one room and stay in an adjoining.

This for The Gathering, or a solo run?
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Depending on their ages and how much you trust them you might want to have two rooms. You will get more sleep I'm sure!

I don't pay much attention to the online reviews. Some people have unrealistic expectations and want a 5 star hotel at a 2 star price.
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To answer UL and Matt -
No, its not for the gathering.  Its for President's week (Feb 13-21) because that's when they have off school. 
I wish I could do the Gathering again, since I had such a good time last year.  But my "extra" ski trip is a victim of college tuition storm clouds on the horizon (plus, I've now burned through every last frequent flyer mile I have.)

They are good kids -- I have no problem with them having a separate room from that standpoint.  Its sort of a trade between one bigger room or two small ones.
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 Check out this site for "Name Your Own Price" advice.  The prices seem better than what you're talking about here.
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how about the national 9 discovery inn? anyone ever stayed there? weekly rate looks good plus promo on skisalt lake .com??
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I have stayed there. Somewhat basic, but OK.Continental breakfast, family resteraunt next door, Denny's across the street, not much else within walking distance. Near the interstate on 7200S, so a few more minutes to the slopes, expeciqally Alta/Bird. Not sure about proximity to bus.
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I made a res at the "Majestic Rockies Motel".  I'm not sure exactly what I got but it has 3 beds and a kitchenette (fridge, microwave, sink, hotplate).  Sounds like it may be partially divided but not quite separate rooms.

It's amusing -- their website still talks about staying there for the 2002 Olympics.
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