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Ski Videos

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I am fairly new to this site and am not familiar with the fine points of searching...

Can anyone recommend a few ski films ( mainly mountain skiing, not parks )
that were released last year or this year that are worth buying?

Opening weekend is around the corner and the video library needs an upgrade.

Thanks in advance to everyone !
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1. The Thin line - Rush HD films - incredible film about downhill racing
2. Sofa Ski School - Ski instruction - very to the point
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I liked TGR's "Under the Influence" from last year. It's out on DVD and available on Netflix.
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Also check out Matchstick Productions...all of their movies are amazing! (MSP films http://www.skimovie.com)
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+1 on Sofa Ski School...just bought the DVD and it's probably the best I've seen in a while for teaching the basics, and then some.
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Check out "The Edge of Never". Glen Plake takes a young Kye Peterson to Chamonix to ski the slope where his father Trevor was killed. Kye wanted to see what his father saw just before he died. Unbelievable stuff. Their French guide was almost killed while filming. Great big mountain extreme skiing.
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