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I'd be in! I would also be willing to do whatever I could to help make it happen. Many things would need to be answered though, such as:

1. Where?
2. When? - no later than March, lets make sure we have good snow.
3. Can we have the 1st annual Bears Boxing Match? Some of the more vocal people can decide who wins! Joke, kidding, ease up..
4. Cost? - more the merrier, costs come down with volume!
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My thoughts are that this year is just to far gone to get this done,so next season would be our best bet.
Hat, the ski camp in afghanistan is an extreme camp only!
Lisamarie, I think that would be great if you could do some sort of exercise clinic.I know I sure need to do a lot more off season work.Ok,Ok! some in season work to.
Gonzo, Your a penny pincher after my own heart.Like Altaskier said the more we get the more the cost should go down.
Bob, Do you have any idea of how many people it would take to get a resorts attention?
Dchan, Spill the beans how good a deal did you get on those new skis? Wheres the shop and whats there phone Number?
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I'd intertain involvment in a late season event next spring (2003) that I could plan ahead for. It would be interesting, and fun, to have an out-of-the-box open forum on snow. We could build a wish list of topics to cover and prioritise it down to a workable menu of focus groups to offer. In this, or any, sport some concepts simply need to be explored via experience to be fully considered, understood, or embraced.
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I'd love to be involved.. Email me with final details if it ever comes to that.


Because I'll probably forget to check this thread again.. :
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I'm a definite if on the east coast(can Eski join us at Jay?), have to have advance notice and plenty of bucks for the West.

Willing to teach, but also want to learn from the group also!
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Sounds great to me.
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Thanks LM,

If timinig is a concern for people there is always Mammoth any time through June!
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I'm likely for a CO or other West coast camp, definite in CA.
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I'd be game. Also willing to help out organizing. Need to keep it cheap.
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Add my name to the list; 2003 or late season in the west
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A wish list is a good idea Arcmeister.Maybe that should be our next post.
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This is a really neat idea, esp. if I ever hope to break out of my contentedness for being a hopeless intermediate (perhaps emphasis on the hopeless part -- or is that hapless?).

The typical practicalities of where/when and how much always intercede, of course...unless someone's got a van down by the river they ain't using (apologies to "Matt Foley")!

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What about regional camps? It sounds like people are very interested in doing this, but geography and timing are obstacles -- at least for a 2002 camp. Maybe a West Coast camp, a Rockies camp, and a New England camp could be organized on short notice, and the big Bear camp could take place next season. Just a thought.
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I believe we are talking about 2003, but correct me if I'm wrong. Many of us in New England look for excuses to come out west to finally meet you nice folks in person, anyway!
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Actually, I was just looking at the other posts, and I am wrong. People are thinking about it for this year. Unfortuanately, I'll be using up this years vacation time on Fernie, Banff lake louise, followed by a conference in Baltimore.
If by some miracle I can swing a long weekend and find a cheap airfare, then maybe....
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LM, as I see it, we could have a mini-Camp as a trial run this year, if we can get divine forces behind us!

But the real Camp would be next season, when there's plenty of advance notice. I'm able to do it this year because I"m one of those people who doesn't plan vacations, and saves vacation days for when the mood hits. For one week, I need to give my boss only 3 weeks notice most times, and for a long weekend, 1 week is enough notice. I plan on taking some days after the bar exam, so I could just mold those days to fit any semi-Camp we might assemble this year. On the other hand, come March I start thinking about mtb riding. Who knows?
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Sounds like a plan! I could probably do some weekend in March in New England. Maybe we should brainstorm about this at Fernie?
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Is it at all possible to do a camp in March anywhere at such short notice? March is spring break, of course, so destination resorts are at their busiest. I would love to do a camp in Colorado in April, but spring weekends are full due to the ski-weekend killer called soccer season. I guess I could have someone substitute coach a game, couldn't I. No need to be a martyr.
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Very interested. Whether or not I can make, I hope you successful in organizing this.
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