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Hello and good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. I've been gearing up for the new season and I thought: why not demo more this year. Right now I ski head monster im82's. They are well... monsters, they blow through the chop like its nothing and they still work in some of the pow. On piste and off I find myself having a great time with them. I was just wondering, if I were to demo some ski's that were a bit more lively, what should I ski? I've heard the prophet flites are lively because no metal is used. I would be looking to demo a ski that performs well in moguls, bowls and between trees and in the pow. Less use on piste, more for going off and around the bumps. I'm 5'10 and a mere 144 lbs, I ski West Coast. I consider myself in the 9 range when it comes to ski level.



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