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Jackson Hole 1/17-24/10 - Page 3

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1/2/10 Report:

We've had about 25" of snow in the last three days.  The mountain is skiing about 10,000% better than it was three days ago, but I'm still calling it "fair" at best.  There are way too many rocks for my liking whenever you venture off the runs with manmade snow.  There are also one hell of a lot of people crowded into the skiable acres, although that will be completely different by the day after tomorrow.

There are still no Expert Chutes, Alta Chutes, Granny Chutes, Tower 3 Chutes, or Gold Mine Chutes open (and I wouldn't be skiing them if they were).  Also no Hobacks or Lower Faces.

There's a bit more snow in the forecast for the next few days.

Now that my ski instruction clients are gone and I'm back to skiing on my own my routine has returned to 2-3 hours first thing in the morning and then in to my office.  It's just not good enough for me to play hooky all day yet.

If by "used" skis you mean demos with some miles on them, I think most of the shops have some for sale.  Check in with the demo folks at any shop and just ask.  I'm fairly sure that Teton Village Sports probably has demos of some sort for sale.
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Thanks Bob
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 I agree with Bob that The Village is skiing 10,000% better now than a week ago.  I disagree with the "fair at best" assessment though.  What we have now is very good skiing and will likely be better tomorrow.  I have been having a blast skiing through the whole Christmas rush.  I have observed that about 98% of my students are using rental/demo skis and have bought the damage waiver.  My friends in the repair shop are slammed.  I had been skiing my $150 ski swap Contact Limited.  I hit some rocks skiing on the upper mountain before this storm, but none of them were hard hits.  Only one core shot in 18 continuous days of all day skiing.  With the new snow I'm on the Gotomas and loving it.  I hit a few rocks, but there has never been a day at The Village when I didn't hit something.  Most of the rocks are gone now, the snow is great, and some new terrain has opened.  It's not currently "The Jackson Hole Experience" and some really great signature terrain hasn't opened yet, but the skiing has been a lot of fun.  I think we are still one storm cycle away from getting a full opening.  
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Bob and TPJ - thanks for the reports.   For my sake I just need that storm to hit before the 17th.  For your sake I'll hope it happens much sooner  :)

Hopefully we'll get to see you guys again  - take some turns or at least drink some beers.  
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 If you're really lucky, you'll get a bonus round like last year!
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Hey I'm doing the best I can!  :)

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 I'm pretty sure we'll get something before the 17th.
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Originally Posted by tetonpwdrjunkie View Post

 I'm pretty sure we'll get something before the 17th.

NOAA is saying 10-15" Monday night through Wednesday morning.
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Originally Posted by tetonpwdrjunkie View Post

 I'm pretty sure we'll get something before the 17th.

Finndog doing that voodoo that he do so well. 
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Two weeks and counting .... so ready for this trip - sounds like its going to be a blast! Stuff that is closed is so way out of my league that I'm not too bummed :) Looking forward to seeing everyone soon - some of us will be meeting at the Philly airport bright and early (430 am) - I dont envy the people that run into me that early so i will appologize in advance!!
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looks good for this week, dry spell coming in after, I am trying move those fronts in and down a bit, we need to get set up for a nice dump the 16th, then blue bird day for the "fly-in" and a dump for the 18th.... 

Anyone been over to DOG lately?
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What skis are everyone bringing?




Triple Ski tube w/ 4 pr of skis will actually be more expensive to bring than 2 ski bags each way. So...we will be bringing the sticks with us. 
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The resort is reporting 10" new.  Trust me fellas, the mountain is filling in just fine.

Personally, I think you'll hit a bunch of the good stuff just as it is opening. 

Philpug: Not sure on where for snowtube shipping @ the Village.  You can ship them to my crib no sweat and I'll personally bring them to the village.
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We are bringing:

Noofus - Line Prophet 90
             Head Monster 78

Lovebug - Volkl Cosmos (92)
              Elan Pure Spice (78)

Unless some Kastles accidently show up in our ski bag between now and then ;)
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Not sure, but being optimistic

Icelantic Pilgrim's or kastle 78's
Icelantic Nomad SFT's
HB's...... counting on using them....
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Getting my boots re-fit by Stephen (SIJ), as a blatant plug, you won't find a better fitter in JH so book now and get set up right!
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I'm just bringing the Goats.   Surely that will guarantee lots of fresh powder.   

x2 on the boot fitting recommendation.  I got the full treatment last year, and my only regret was that I didn't do it sooner.  

Finn, are you really ONLY bringing 3 pairs of skis?   :)  
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Well, I could bring all 4 and everyone knows if you have a lot of skis you are a good skier......  :) 

I am thinking just the 78's and Nomads but if we get a dump those HB's are just so much fun.

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I'm just bringing my Sheelas, which are 86 underfoot... I'll rent something fatter if there's a huge day while we're out there.

Still deciding if I'm going to check or just ship my skis. I am getting so sick of the hassle of traveling with skis.
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For those  staying at the 49er, in an earlier discussion with them, they will accept ski shipments prior to arrival and can be left for shipping out. Call them if you need this confirmed.

I will never post publicly what skis I'm bringing in any thread where Finndog is posting that he's bringing the fleet. I need to convince him to start using adjustable bindings.

In a conversation with SIJ, he can help us get the skis we want to demo via his contacts. This is part of my plan. It's good to have a friend in high places.
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LP, no worries, my skis are not approved nor sanctioned for your use!   However I am very pleased to see you sniffin' around at ski's over 70mm wide...... With any luck we'll have you rockin' on a pair of Obseth's soon!
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I spent  all day crusin on the officially approved 78. You will see it in JH. One thing for sure, your proven ability to provide adequate snow plays a major factor in other ski selection. So, less OB-1 and more pow are your marching orders. Understood?
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Mike, You're killin me dude!  How much more pow do i need to bring on?   can't we negociate this OB-1 thing????

I just want to see you on a nice pair of "unofficial" fatties with a big ol' grin on your face!
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

Mike, You're killin me dude!  How much more pow do i need to bring on?   can't we negociate this OB-1 thing????

I just want to see you on a nice pair of "unofficial" fatties with a big ol' grin on your face!
To paraphrase the musical Les Miserables:
One foot more, One foot more, One foot more!

Hell, any true Pow skier knows that.

Less OB-1, not no OB-1
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Remember, you don't need face shots to have fun.

But it helps, so you are not off the hook, Finndog.


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If you guys have any interest in skiing the 'Ghee, let me know.  I have 1/22 off and HB Jr. is out of school that day, so we'll be freeskiing.  I will be up on the hill on 1/23 and 1/24, but available only part of the time.  If you guys want an all day tour, the best day for me is 1/22.

Bob knows how to get a hold of me, but you can also PM me for hook ups.

Oh yeah, I'm bringing these:

'10 Gotama, 186 cm, 137-106-122
'10 Katana, 190 cm, 141-111-131


BTW, We got 20" in the last 24 hours - measured at mid-moutain.
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Targhee is on the itinerary this year for sure. 
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Yes the skiing was wonderful today, but it came with a heavy toll and at an extreme price.  Please keep Ski Patrol's Big Wally in your prayers and thoughts.

Don't want to bring down a great thread, but just to let you know- Jackson Hole is the coolest place on the planet.
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Thanks for the pics from my good day. The Corbett's entrance is magnificent scenery. Wish you were able to rejoin.

Harkin, - Thanks for reaching out with your great offer. Love to ski with you and most of the group is really up for a day trip. I've got a small amount of ashes from a great ski bud who has passed on. They need to find a place with a great view on that mountain.

SIJ - As you know, I'm in the debt of the JH patrol. While I have no details, I honor is work and am saddened. Somehow, I feel connected to the JH community via the last 2 years experience and the people I've met. Take care and best of team McDonald. See you soon.
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Originally Posted by Living Proof View Post

Wish you were able to rejoin.
Your wish is my command. I'll be there.
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