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I have skied for 37 years, need a new thing to try. I have found an old set of Telemark skis for sale, Rossignol Attaque with hot chili bindings. Can i learn on these things? I am not looking for the top of the line Tele ski here, just want something to start telemarking on. I realize they are probably really old, but how bad can they be for $40?

They are 184cms, I used to ski bumps on 205 straight skis, so the length doesn't worry me in the least. I need inpout fast as I am down in the US on vacation for 2 days and found these from a local guy, but I am leaving in 2 days. The $40 doesn't concern me, I am concerned if these are even worth trying to ski on, or if they will only turn me offof telemarking. Are hot chili bindings acceptable to use?