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Silverton Anyone?

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Does anyone have any experiences or opinions regarding silverton?

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I've skied there about 8 times since they opened, all unguided.  I know about a dozen people, including my wife, who have done guided skiing there, and I have a friend who is a guide.  What do you want to know?

If you do a search in this forum and Trip Reports you will find lots of information on Silverton Mountain.  I suggest you start there and then post some specific questions.  It is a spectacular place but requires a high level of fitness to really appreciate.  It is also extremely funky compared to any other ski area, and they tend to greatly over hype it, so take what you find on their web site as self-promotion fluff to a great extent.  For what it is, it is incredible, but it is probably not what you think it is.
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Okay sweet, I by accident posted this on another thread that was from 2008. I was thinking about heading out to Silverton for a little vacation. This is the first bit of research I'm doing although I'll probably start Googling stuff later but I figured there's no better place to start then forums. I have a friend who went there and really enjoyed it although he is a skier.

How do you think it is for boarders?
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How is Silverton in late January? I'm thinking of doing a 2-4 day trip from Denver to Silverton during this time period?

What do you think in regards to doing guided vs unguided? If you do unguided are you needlessly risking yourself (not knowing the terrain)?
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Here's my trip report from last year:


I don't think they allow unguided in January.  The unguided time is later in the season.  I think the main risk in unguided would be not finding your way to a pickup point at the bottom.


BigBruised - boarding should be great.  You've got an advantage with the mandatory hiking. 

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