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MSP Immersion Reviews

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Anyone seen it?
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Isn't Deep the new film? Saw that premier. Very niiiice.!
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I cannot wait to buy In Deep this weekend. It looks amazing.

You are indeed correct In Deep is the new flick but I also noticed Immersion on the site and have never heard of it. Wanted to gain some insight from the site before the splurge
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Immersion is a film by Scott Gaffney, it is shorter than the normal features, about 35 minutes if I recall, the skiing is all around Squaw Valley and the backcountry.  Filmed nicely, great skiers, very little park and pipe, mostly showcasing Squaw's terrain.  Shane is in it.  Go and buy it to add to your collection of ski films
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 Thanks for the heads up.  I'll look for it.
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Excellent film, one of our favorites, it will make you want to move to Tahoe.  More personality and less gnar than the typical ski porn.  Highly recommended.  Good music too..
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