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Hey, is that the Olle Larsson of World Cup Ski Racing (with James Major) fame? My bible, back in the day...

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I went to Maier's press conference after he won his last overall cup in Sestrier.  A beast on the course, and a super nice, soft spoken fellow in public.

I can't put him ahead of Stenmark, but won't argue with second best.


My favorite Maier clip:

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Hey, is that the Olle Larsson of World Cup Ski Racing (with James Major) fame? My bible, back in the day...

One and the same, yes.  Great guy: excellent analyst of ski technique, still a great ski photographer, and a laugh you can hear a mile away.
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I had to throw my copy -- bought in Park City in 1981 I think -- away, as it had just become a collection of dog-eared pages rather than an actual book. But I learned to ski from it, no doubt.
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I believe the second winingest WC racer is still Anna Marie Proell with 60 wins
Ahhhh, ha, ha, ha! Olle. He really is a great guy. Hope he enjoys his retirement.
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Oh, and she's a what-if too. She retired from the tour and one point, perhaps to have a kid, and returned a season or two later.
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My favorite quote about Hermann Maier was from his teammate Stephan Eberharter (who did not like the Austrian coaches or the Austrian system or all or his Austrian teammates) who had won the overall World Cup championship the year of the Nagano Olympics, when Hermann Maier had the inverted crash in the downhill going through two fences (pictured above) and came back to win gold a few days later in the Super G and a few days after that in GS.

Interviewer: "Who is the best skier in the world?"

Stephan Eberharter:  "I am the best skier in the world.  But Hermann Maier--he is from another planet."

P.S.  For the record--Tomba didn't ski speed events.  And Bode Miller rocked in slalom.  And did things that no one else could ever do, including banking off the fence.

P.P.S. Phil Mahre totally rocks.  He's my age (e.g., basically, old.)  Three years ago, at the NASTAR nationals he was a pacesetter, and they were running a dual course.  Current USST racer Kaylin Richardson (IIRC) fell in the course next to him, half a gate ahead, two gates from the finish, on the flats.  He JUMPED OVER HER when she slid in front of him, at the end of the race.  Coolest thing I've ever seen on skis, in person. 

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I received this book as an Xmas present and it is well worth reading, despite the translation being a bit awkward at times. I had no idea that his accident was so horrific, I thought he "just" had a broken leg. Hermann wasn't that far from dying.

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Here's an excellent book review of Maier's The Run of My Life (scroll down the page).
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