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I'm 5 feet 6 inches tall (approx 170 cm), and am every part of 220 pounds.  I'm looking to get a new pair of skis, and im not sure what size I should get.  I ski mostly in NY, always on the east coast (so far).  Right now, my two preferred options are the K2 Apache Recon and the K2 Apache Raider.  Both of these skis have a bit wider waist, and my friend who is an instructor recommended a little wider waist cause I'm pulling some weight with me.  I'm considering 170's, but im wondering because of my weight, could I or should I move up another size in the skis?  As far as ability, I enjoy skiing the whole mountain, and with some pace.  I wouldn't describe myself as fast, but I definatley a little faster then medium.  Always in control (have to be with small, crowded mountains) I enjoy skiing and just kinda doing my own thing.  Rarely, if ever, in the terrain park.  So as far as size is concerend, should I stay at 170 or is it safe to move up another level.  And if these arent appropiate skis for me, does anyone have any suggestions.  Thanks much everyone.