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Mt. Wachusett Windmill

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I know there was talk of it but I didn't know it was going in this year.  Check out some videos--


I can't wait get to get up to the top and take a hike over and check it out.  It should be truly awesome.

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Looks like they are building two.  Here's some articles--

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This is definitely the coolest video so far--

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 Thanks for the postings.  That last video is very cool.
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I just happened to search youtube this afternoon (10/15) and that last one was posted about an hour before I checked and the date is 10/15 so that was today.  They must have posted it within a couple hours of when it was shot.

I noticed around 0:51 in the video that it looks like a path was cut in the trees to clear one of the three blades.  Seems to me if they can cut the old growth for that, we ought to be able to cut just one more teeny tiny ski trail from the top
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