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WTFH should be back from his weekend in Tignes. Maybe he'll share some stoke if we ask nicely.
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I'll have some photos to share later today, let's just say that yesterday was an epic powder day - it snowed pretty much from Sunday evening for at least 24 hours (we were just able to get to the airport). Fresh tracks all day and the resort was pretty much deserted.
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I'm getting all giddy. Only a few days left before I hit l'Espace Killy, and the forecast looks good.
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The Aguile Percee lift wasn't running on Saturday as the conditions were a bit patchy around it, but there had been a few people hiking for their turns

...but don't panic (as you'll see when the other photos are uploaded)
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On Monday we stayed on-piste. This is David near the top of Piste Du Lac
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Brett showing off his ability to stopwithout falling over (but being too deep in the snow to get a good spray)
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This was down at Les Boisses
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And that's all (for a while)

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Looking out the window, it's hideously dark and rainy. Looking at the webcams of Tignes and Val d'Isere, it's beautifully sunny with fresh snow on the ground. It's so frustrating.
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 First frost since October 

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It's been frosty the past couple mornings here in Berlin, too. Supposed to warm up next week, though. If we can just get one more storm in the next two weeks like the one at the beginning of this week, I'll be a very happy boy.
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Some snow this week and some cool air afterwards

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2 1/2 days of snow and 3 1/2 of sun while I was in Val d'Isere. For some reason, once it stopped snowing, they shovelled/groomed off all the new snow so that all the runs were back down to the icy base below (with patches of small rocks mixed in).

On Saturday (race day), despite the persistent snowfall, they had almost all the cannons blowing the entire day, like turning on the sprinklers in the middle of a thunderstorm. So that was a pleasant experience of getting sprayed in the face four or five times every run on-piste, just to make sure none of us could possibly see where we were going.

I'll upload some pictures once I remember to get my camera out of my bags.
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It's been snowing all morning here in Berlin. Completely unforecasted, too. Here's hoping it eases up for my Saturday morning flight and moves south to give us a top up down in the mountains.
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A couple days of real winter here... - 'teens °C, all hills are shooting snow... And quite serious snowfall on western part of Latvia 

Picture: Riga, yesterday morning (-16°C).
 Sunrise over frosen Riga (-16 °C)

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Snow's come to an end. In typcial Berlin fashion, six hours of snowfall yields no more than a centimeter.
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It has snowed night before yesterday...put down one cm...more is forecasted to come tonight and on Monday...
We shall see...
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I apologize for any snow stolen by the UK. I am trying to send it all southeast, as I am tired of hearing everyone around here complaining about the "bitter" cold (about -5 C). Unfortunately, it keeps falling here, and the complaints keep rolling in.

I'll try harder to push it over to the mountains.
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Yes, we had a light dusting in Surrey...

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Today is the last cold day here in Latvia... Today -10°C,  23rd -> 0°C, 24th -> +1°C (getting colder later in the evening)
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The weather is strange in Switzerland at the moment. We arrived in Ilanz on Saturday to very cold weather with light snow for the whole drive from Zürich. Sunday was blue skies and -18 in the valley at Obersaxen. It started snowing in the evening. Monday at Laax it was much warmer, just a little under freezing, and maybe 10 cm of new snow overnight. Cloudy all day. Tuesday in Davos was sunny in the morning with clouds moving in late in the afternoon. Extrememly windy up top. It started raining at about 10:00, and it absolutely poured down all the way back to Ilanz. This morning it's 2° in Ilanz as we get ready to head to Disentis. Forecasts show temps jumping one day and plunging the next. The rises being accompanied by rain, but turning to snow as the temps fall before clearing. No stability at all.

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Don't tell it to me....
After a very good snow fall (here in the plains just south of the Alps) of about 40 cm, it's now been raining for the past two days.
Most of the beautiful snow has melted...Sigh.
And, Fox, I surely won't complain about a mere -5. In fact, personally, the colder the merrier (-40 is the lowest temp I've been skiing at, but let's say that I feel "comfortable" until -20, then I tend to head for the first hut and a hot tea/chocolate and be done with the day)
But my SO's brother went out on a MTB on Sunday and got feet chilblain...
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