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Instructor courses

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I've been skiing most of my life and am considering becoming an instructor. Im pretty set on doing a season in Whistler and have spoken to a few UK companies that offer courses there. Has anybody been on a course or reccomend a company to go with...
Many thanks...
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Welcome to Epic Alex!

There've been a few threads that have come close to answering your questions, but no direct answers to this query in the past. There was one member who went to Whistler (HET), but never reported back afterwards.

This thread talks about UK companies:


This thread talks about CSIA training:


And Canuckinstructor had this comment a while back:


 You may be interested in looking at a couple of the programs like Ski le Gap (at Tremblant) or the Crystal International Academy (Lake Louise or Whistler). They run programs geared towards college age kids taking a year off to travel, etc. They have full packages with lodging, food, and several weeks of training to get your level 1 and 2. You may have something else in mind, but it's an option to look at.

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The link below is to a wiki with some information you may find helpful. Welcome to Epic.

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Hey guys,
Thanks for the info - that last thread had some good info in it. This seems to be a pretty clued up forum! Good stuff.
I've been in touch with a few companies and I think I've narrowed it down to two called Peak Leaders and Base Camp - if I do go with either of them I will post how it went.
Hope you have a great winter!
Kind Regards
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