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Suitable skis for Niseko Japan

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Am going to Niseko and then Kurodake  next January.
Thinking of picking up some fat skis before I go  as the rentals are quite pricy.would love to have some recommendations.
I amd 169cm (5'6.5") and weigh 74 kg, Am currently skiing on rossignol Z5s which i have had for 5 years, absolutely love them, they are quite short (156) but that is quite handy when one has to ski in narrow chutes with rocks. Did demo some 10cm longer and actually no problems.
Also looking for some powder skis as I found when skiing in Craigieburn (a steep club field in NZ) the Zeniths sank.
I would consider myself advanced to expert, quite an aggressive skier but no longer a spring chicken.
Have been looking at twin tip options, but not interested in riding rails or doing tricks.
Looking at some165 Line prophet with 90mm under foot would they be long enough for Niseko
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Niseko in January you're probably guaranteed at least one 50cm dump every four or five days, and if you get out early you can ski some pretty good fresh lines. At your height/weight for an advanced skier 165 at 90 in those conditions might be a little small. Still, you can always get a pair of bigger pow rentals for a day. A lot of what you'll see will be chopped up powder, sometimes crud, so you need something that can handle those conditions.
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im heading to japan as well jan/feb and was looking to get some new sticks.
im trying to decide between the gotama 190 or 183 or the bigger and softer hellbent.
pro for gotama is all in one ski but not as powder specific. hellbent sound unreal in pow but sounds limited elsewhere and im little worried about the softness.
have you had a look at the k2 missbehaved, its 98 at the waist. i think its the female version of the obsethed. or volkl kuki or aura and armada ARVw.

im sorry probs just made it more confusing, but check them out and see what you like.

any thought on  my delema would be also much appreciated (sorry to jump on board ur thread)

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Not a problem Josh,
I was also looking at Gotama.  And aura
Heard there have been some manufacturing  problems with Gotama (other threads in Epic)
Also they might not be as nippy for going through trees

Now looking at Head Mojo's 90 as found a good deal on them does anybody know anything about them.
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Actually, the rentals at Niseko are pretty cheap, but it's incredible junk.  Gotamas are great powder skis (no problems with mine), and they do surprisingly well out of the pow, but dedicated powder skis are certainly not what you want if you plan to do tree (more like high shrub at Niseko) skiing.
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Razpritz, don't know when you were last in Niseko, but you're way out of date. There are some outstanding demos available (I spent two days on a pair of pristine Armada JJs last season). Anyone seeking specific recommendations can PM me -- note, I have NO connections other than as an occasional customer.
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Was spring a year ago recently enough for you?
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thanks folks, I like that about high shrub, because that is what the photos look like. I am also thinking of what I need for Kurodake Daisetsusan where we will be finishing our ski holiday. It looks like real trees and real powder.
The thing is i can only take one set of skis with me

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Ras, recent enough fershure, but you definitely went to the wrong rental outfit.
PM me if you're going back again and need the name of a good place to rent.
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I've haven't skied at Kurodake yet, but from what I've heard, the conditions are good.  You might also want to try the nearby Asahidake Onsen ski area as well.  They have a nice ropeway there (but that's it) and I've heard that it's all ungroomed.  There should be a bus from Asahikawa city that goes there, and there is also a bus from Asahikawa City that goes to Sounkyou Onsen as well, which is where Kuro-dake is.  It might be a bit of a trip to get to Asahidake Onsen from Kurodake, but it might be worth it.

I think that you'll really like Niseko, however.  The conditions at the resort are varied, so even if you can't get the powder skis that you are looking for, there are plenty of other chances have get some good sking in there.

Unfortunately, I don't know much about rentals... I'm actually asking for advice on buying a new pair of skis on another thread!

Will you be renting a car?  Japan Rail offers some really great packages to Niseko, some that include hotel and transport, and some that include day transport (from the Chitose airport and Sapporo Sta.), rentals and lift pass.  The hotel/mountain packages are out, but I'm still waiting on the ones for day skiiers (I heard that they come out on the 18th of this month). 
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Thanks for every body's help.
Have ended buying some Head MOjos 166cm they are in transit from US of A. So can't wait to get them.
I bought them from seem to be very helpful and seemed to be the best prices. So you might want to check them out Lance
I wasn't planning on renting a car..
If I could pick up a little car from Niseko and drop it off at Asahikawa City  I might consider it as we are flying out of there. But I thought it might be less hassle taking trains /buses. Although according to the time table it will take all day to get up to Kurodake & Sounkyo Onsen, but will get a chance to look at the country side without sliding off the road
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I second the recommendation for Asahidake.  I can't speak to the skiing - though I've heard great things about it - but the area itself is one of the most beautiful areas in Hokkaido.  It's a bit of a hike, but it's not at all hard to do via train and bus.  I speak Japanese, but the whole way along, there are volunteers and staff that do speak English, and are quite friendly.  They helped out with getting me to the right bus, and I'm sure they'd be happy to help you, too.  And the ticket machines are multi-lingual, and aren't hard to figure out.

If you do go there, might I recommend a place to stay? The Daisetsuzan Shirakaba-sou Youth Hostel is wonderful.  Don't be fooled by the name, only part of it is a youth hostel, the rest is a ryokan (Japanse inn/Bed and Breakfast).  The meals a really good, their hot springs are fantastic, the staff is helpful and friendly, and the general atmosphere is warm and cozy.  I'd stay there again in a heartbeat.  Last time I was there, there was a woman on staff who spoke English, so you can make reservations in English with little problems.  No, I don't work for them, I just have had really great stays there.
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Well Sarah, I think that no matter where you go, you'll have a great time.  I've heard that they are still waiting for the conditions to get better in Niseko, but by New Years, it should be great.  I always go around then and am never disappointed.  If you don't feel like going up to Kurodake or Asahidake (driving to both places is a real pain unless you use the expressways), I've heard that Rusutsu is also an easy day trip from Niseko.  And Otaru is not too far from Niseko by train (it's famous for glass, a canal and overpriced sushi).  It might be a good side trip.  Sapporo will also have their "illumination festival" in the main Odori Park until Jan 3rd.  Sapporo is a fun city with a great nightlife distric.  Depending on what you're into, it might be better than Otaru.   
Outdoor Japan's last issue includes a WInter Sports guide, which might also help you to get your bearings, although it doesn't include info on Kurodake or Asahidake.  You might be able to see that info on their website.  And I should probably mention that both Kurodake and Asahidake don't have a lot of runs, but there should be a lot of powder.  And if you check out KNT, JR, Jalan (in Japanese), etc., you can get some good deals on the hotels.

And TaeKiGril has good advice about the hostel/ryoukan in Asahidake, but I personally think that you get more bang for your buck at the onsen across the street when it comes to bathing.
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Hey thanks Lance and Taekigirl,
I'm already committed to Kurodake as have booked accommodation there and we are flying out of Asahikawa
Might stop off at asahidake on the way through to kurodake, according to google maps it is 102km between the two resorts but 3 hour drive!. (Although the two resorts are really close as the crow flies.)
Wow it is now only 2 more weeks before we fly out. Can't wait
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