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need binding hellp

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i have been lurking for months and and am finally in need of some advice.  i intermediate and thanks to a great deal and the comments found here i just purchased some  head im 78 skis flat 171cm and don't know what to do with bindings..  i mostly ski groomers...maybe 80/20 fast but not agressives skier and weigh 160 lbs.  so im not sure what bindings i should be looking at.  considering rf 10 railflex, mojo, LD, or anything else you would recomend.  i don't really think i would move my bindings much if at all, but thought the railflex may be a bit better for on piste due to the extra height.......thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.
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If you are looking for 80/20 performance the railflex is a great choice.
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The Railflex will work great, but I would go with the 12 din versions since they are higher quality and have less plastic in them.  You could also go with the Tyrolia LD12, Head Peak 12, or Head Mojo 12 if you wanted to go non Railflex.

Check levelninesports.com for great deals on bindings.

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