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Never an Easy Decision

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Hi folks, brand new here.  Looking for some input from the experts for finding my next pair of skis.  Forgive me if I butcher some of the technical jargon.  I've been "back" on skis for about 15 years but only get about 10-20 days per year.   
- 5'11", 195 lbs, mid-30s.  I ski hard, but not that aggressively (I don't think) if that make sense.
- East coast skiing mostly, but flexible schedule allows for powder days.
- Ski the whole mountain, though not always pretty, so I think I need some forgiveness.  I love skiing bumps (while I still can).
- Don't laugh - I've been on my Volant Machete Soul freeride 170's for at least 5 years.  I loved them - I found them great in all but deep powder.  Liked the short snappy turns in the tight spots, the dampness (speed control can be a problem for me); edge grip wasn't great unless freshly tuned. 
- Been looking for an All-Mountain ski, but I've been surprised by the various fat freerides and twin-tips that get marketed as great all-mountain skis nowadays.  Willing to spend some money for a nice pair.
- Leading the pack of contenders (though it changes frequently): Atomic Blackeyes, Legend 8000s.  Considered K2 Recons, Head Monster 78s too.  From the wider category - not sure these will be versatile enough: Nordica Enforcers, Atomic Snoops.  The Blizzard Magnum (#?) got amazing reviews, but seemingly more of a west coast quiver ski.
- I've seen lots of comments about most of these - especially the 8000s and Recons.  The Blackeyes have my eye for a number of reasons.  Do these have some forgiveness?  Are they too stiff for the bumps?  I've heard mixed opinions on this.  Thinking 171 cm again.  165 seems tiny.
- I would appreicate any thoughts, comments, and opinions.

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Short version: 1) Can the newer Snoop (Daddy?) or even the Enforcer be a east coast one-ski quiver? - from what I've read, the answer is yes.  I need to test them obviously, but I'm trying to focus my demo plans, subject to availabilty of course.  2) Are there any drawbacks to the Legend 8000s? - seems like no.  (I like the light weight of the Blackeye, after skiing the heavy volants).  Thanks,   
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Originally Posted by lkazzi View Post

Short version: 1) Can the newer Snoop (Daddy?) or even the Enforcer be a east coast one-ski quiver?

Not unless you mean the east coast of Utah. My two cents from Maine.
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