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East Coast Powder Skis

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Last year I bought my first pair of real ski's the Prophet 90's These are amazing skis, great quality, they tear it up all over the mountain and they float in powder about 5x better then my old Atomic Izors.  But it's got me thinking that if they float that much better, then moving up to to true powder ski is going to be that much better again.  I was looking at the Sir Francis Bacon's, but I think I want a ski with early rise on the tips, but I'm not sure.  Then I was looking at the K2 pontoons and the Line EP Pro's.  I want a ski that is going to be really good and agile in the trees.  Im really going to need a ski that is quick to master because we don't get a whole lot of powder practice around here.  Also a ski that can safely make it back to the lift on a groomer would be great.  I just want a really fun ski that can tear it up in the powder.  From what I hear the K2 Pontoons are really fun, but that might be overboard for the east coast. What do you guys think?
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You are on the right track here. 'East Coast powder' is often 8" to 16" of fresh light snow over a funky base, personally I'd rather ski on the fresh snow and stay above the funky base. A big, relatively soft, funshape ski will really help with this. A ski like the EP Pro can make 6" feel bottomless.

Some skis I'd check out:

Line EP Pro
Atomic Bentchettler
Volkl Kuro
Icelantic Shamen
Rossi S7
DPS Lotus 120

... and this is a place where some of the 'little guys' really excel. Brands like PM Gear, Praxis, On3p, and Moment are killing it in this small niche.
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