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I just got my new pair of the 08/09 Volkl Bridge in the 185 length and i'm looking for some advice on bindings. My two questions are-

1- What would be a good binding for this ski?
2- Where should I mount them?

Back ground-

I'm 5'11, 190lbs, level 7/8. These are not going to be used in the park at all(have a separate park ski). They will be used about 50/50 on/off piste. I have read the sticky here about measuring the running surface of the ski and dividing it by two to find the core center and then mounting so the ball of your foot is directly over top of the core center. Would this be a good method for mounting these for all mountain use? Binding recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Sierra Jim, if you could give me your input that would be awesome, you really seem to know your stuff and I think I remember you saying that you skied this ski for a couple seasons...

Thanks, Travis.