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Boo hoo. Sturtevant's drops Demo Days.

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On the phone yesterday a Sturtevant's employee told me that they won't be organizing the big roundup of ski reps with their demo skis this season.  Not at Crystal, nor Stevens Pass.  It's been an awful lot of work, he said.

I assume that it hasn't generated enough sales in the past.  I plead guilty to exploiting the event-- I've gone for years, but only bought one pair of skis from the Bellevue-based company.

I wish they'd continue it, and charge more.  I'd be happy to pay, say, 60 bucks to get such a good selection of skis, and they could continue to give 20 of it to the Heuga Center and refund the remainder to anyone who makes a purchase within, say, a month.

It's not a clever idea, and I'm sure they considered such an arrangement, but decided 'no'.

Sigh.  Too bad for us.

On a good note, Sturtevant's opens a new "Ski Mart" in Tacoma today.
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I heard about this at Ski Bonkers.  A guy working the show said they might sell new skis with a return privilege, though I don't know if it applied to the specific ski I was looking at (Sultan 85) or whether it was for a credit/exchange or refund (I assume the former).  I agree with the idea of charging more, seems fair.
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Bummer about demo days.  Right Angle at Crystal has a fair demo program, but not the same.

Been eyeballing their new sight in Tacoma, it's across the street from Costco where I buy gas.  No signage up yet, but they had a group of people in working on it today.  It will be good to have a real ski shop in town.  Big box is Us just not the same. 

And that is the good news.
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 Definitely a bummer. I had already made out this years list of skis to try. With Mt. Pilchuck Ski and Sport going under, that leaves nobody doing a demo day.  Will have to check with REI, as they have done some in the past .
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Hey ski industry, there is an oppertunity here for somebody. 

Last time anybody looked there were over 200 people in the Northwest that ski and some of them are going to buy skis this year. 
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Bump on a relatively old thread...

You sure about this?  The demo day at Crystal isn't listed on Sturtevant's site, but it is listed on Crystal's site for 3/27/10.

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